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10 greatest movies of all times

Here’s our take on the 10 best movies of all time.

1.The Godfather


An anecdote of thriving organized crime.It’s a story of Inheritance and crusade of power, a vengeful reminiscence of a father, by his Son. After an ambush on  Don Vito Corleone also known as the Godfather ,his reluctant son Michael Corleone has to turn up against  all odds to save his family and prevent the power and prestige earned by his father from being wasted .This gem of a movie incubated vivid style, gore,action, acting, cinematography, screenplay for the world and will be remembered for generations to come. A classic never gets old.

2.The Dark Knight


This movie sent out a very loud and clear message to the world ‘that all the movies based on superhero comics book  aren’t naive and immaterial’. It’s story of a Vigilante, a police Commissioner and a  public prosecutor’s struggle to make Gotham city a better place, but soon enters a better class and extraordinary criminal who squanders all of their attempts. This movie redefined the comic book and thriller genre and it is a radiant example of smart and subtle movies.

3.Pulp Fiction.


A surreal celluloid of 4 interconnected stories intersecting each other at some belligerent crossroads.A gangster hires two of his thugs to seize a briefcase of mysterious content ,during this seizure a chain reaction of unforeseen and shocking events take place which change the course of the story and bring about enormous transition in prime characters.It’s a criterion benchmark of movies which don’t seek attention of the audience by cheap thrills but by their strong and relentless narrative.

4.The Matrix


It’s the chronicle of redemption of mankind from the clasp of machines. The Artificial Intelligent machines conquer humanity and hold them in the enclosure of a deceiving prison known as The Matrix . It’s a story of a man freeing himself and other billions of humans from virtual captivity to join forces against the Machines. It’s a breathtaking action packed fiction, which changed the due course and nature of Science Fictions eternally

5.Lord of the Rings: The Return Of the King  lo

It’s the final stand of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and Humans against the Dark Lord and his adherent army of the Orcs  to prevent the darkness from thriving upon the world. This incredible tale of breeds which are short in size but large in spirits indicates that power isn’t limited to the strong. It’s an astonishing chronicle which has brought a brave new world into our lives, which is full of wonder and marvel. This chapter brings about the dark and bliss ride of  the middle earth to an emotional end. Never in the history of cinema has a fantasy movie conquered the Academy
Awards except Lord of the Rings.

6.Schindler’s list:


A fictional biography of a German industrialist, spy, and member of the Nazi Party  Oskar Schindler credited for saving thousands of Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factory. This movie is a directive and righteous message for everyone, that cruelty  and mercy isn’t bound to nations and races, it only flourishes within ourselves. It’s a black and white but bleeding imagery of humanity being tested on its verge, the powerful amusing themselves on the corpses of compassion.


An Astute thief with an extraordinary job of stealing ideas from subjects by breaking into their dreams and making their thoughts vulnerable to theft gets a final chance of redemption, which is a nearly impossible job of planting an idea in a subject’s mind . This unthinkable craft of Christopher Nolan makes you wonder and doubt the very reality that you most inveterately believe to be living in.

8.Fight Club


Story of an insomniac office slave meeting a strange and bizarre personality. They form an underground fight club that evolves into something astounding where people can give and take a punch and be delighted about it. The fight club frees the consumer driving, tax struck, population from the trenches of stereotypical, dull and quintessential life. This movie actually motivates you to give up all the farce of livelihood and survival and live life to the fullest.

9.The Shawshank Redemption.


“Some birds are never meant to be caged”.  An enthralling feature of a man landing himself in prison. He makes special friends including the warden, he brings joy to the jail  inmates by simple pleasures like music, book and beer. His survival, his generosity, his patience and wisdom leads himself  to redemption where all hope seems to have lost. “Hope is a good thing, probably the best of all things and no good thing ever dies “.

10.Forrest Gump


Sometimes the people least expected to be any good do the most extraordinary things. Forrest Gump, a guy with below average IQ miraculously lands himself to be a billionaire, A war hero, a national celebrity and even a ping pong champion. Whoever came across his path supposedly made something good out of their lives because of him. This movie is a simple indication of the most stupid people having  the tendency to greatness. “Life is like a box of chocolate .”