Updated on 15th June, 2020

To help us maintain our resources and framework, we accept advertisements on our website. For us, the nature of ads being “Helpful to our Readers” is paramount, which means the ads should be relevant and not just for the sake of advertising. Gawking Geeks always maintains a bold line between editorial content and advertisements/sponsored content.

Advertisement Policy

  • All advertisements on are distinguished and labelled as “ad” or “advertisement”.
  • Sponsored marketing content and sponsored guest posts are labelled as “sponsored”.
  • Content published by our authors is not influenced by sponsors or ads. Ads/Sponsored posts are labelled separately so that our readers can distinguish between them.

We provide kick-ass content solutions to individuals, brands and companies. If you want us to cover a product or service feel free to contact us at advertise [at] gawkinggeeks [dot] com (