Top crime TV shows of all time

Top 5 crime TV shows of all time: Look out for #3

We put an excess of effort just scrolling through all the shows and not being able to commit to one for a longer time. As in relationships, commitment to a TV show is also a hard decision as the show could go on for a prolonged period. Additionally, you can’t miss out on the most astounding stuff out there. You will find the list of Top crime TV shows all the time on critic sites but you can’t always rely on them.

Don’t go with the Ratings

Some rely on the ratings of IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes etc. These ratings are never a clear indication of the quality of content as they are based on the biased user ratings.

If you are here, it means you love “Crime” like many of us do, because of the drama, intensity, plot twists, blood, and fire involved in this genre. Let’s jump straight the list of best crime TV shows of all time

5. Dexter

Dexter Morgan, a serial killer, has impeccable skills of killing and dumping the bodies without leaving any trace on the earth. He has a sister in the police and guess what? Dexter Morgan also works at the same station as a bloodstain pattern analyst.

Just by looking at the pattern of blood, he could say a lot more than many postmortems end up telling.

Top crime TV shows of all time

The Gist

Mostly shot in the hot city of Miami gives you chills in almost every episode as the story is so gripping and full of CRIME. Dexter tries everything to keep you on the edge of your seats and succeeds most of the time.

You would be praying for a serial killer/sociopath to escape and what do you get after showering so much love? The shitty ending of the show.

an innocent SOCIOPATH with the urge to kill every night
This show could have been in the top 3 spots if James Manos Jr. could have made a less shitty finale plot. Still, there is no way you can call yourself a Crime Lover without watching the art of killing, portrayed by the highness of Dexter Morgan.
Top-notch Killing
Gripping Storyline
Shitty Finale
Monotonous at Times


4. Narcos

The story is of the drug kingpin PABLO ESCOBAR who won’t stop saying “Hijueputa” which means “Son of Bitch” and make you google the meaning of this slang. It takes you through the ups and downs of the cartel without failing to amuse you at any point.

Crime TV shows of all time

The Gist

The show is full of drugs, blood, nudity and whatnot.

It’s certainly a treat for someone who loves watching bloodshed and admires the history of cartels. It’s a true story of the increase in the reach of cocaine drug cartels all across the world and the struggle of the administration to take down “Pablo Escobar”.

The rise and demise of a drug kingpin PABLO ESCOBAR
The direction is so apt that you will end up sympathizing one of the biggest gangsters related to drug trafficking
Flawless Direction
Gripping Storyline
Factually Incorrect at times
Glorifying Criminals


3.The Sopranos

It’s the veteran in this list and will remain in the top spots for a foreseeable future. The story is based in New Jersey and New York where two mafias control the land, sky, and water of illegal happenings in the region.

Revolves around Italian Americans who are known to be criminals and maintain high standards in society. Anthony John Soprano Sr. usually referred to as Tony is boss of the family(family here means gang) who would kill you with bare hands and is depressed at the same time.

The Gist

The story starts with Tony, secretly consulting a psychiatrist due to the recent panic attacks while grilling meat.

It is directed in a way, you will fall in love with the character portrayed as an Alfa Male. Tony has the vibrance of fucking every woman he wants(happens in the show) despite an unhealthy physique.

The Sopranos
Godfather of TV shows when it comes to Mafia and organised crime
If you have some patience to let the plot build, this show would never disappoint you. One thing which is unique about this show is the funerals, that keep on appearing on the regular intervals, that we stop mourning about death, even of the important characters
Flawless Direction and Screenplay
Tony Soprano
Slow Paced
Plot will take some time to build


2. Breaking Bad

The fans of “Breaking Bad” must be breaking balls as they want this wondrous crime drama to be the first on the list. This is the case because they haven’t watched the topper of the list. We will get to that!

The breaking of bad revolves around a Chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with stage-3 lung cancer, surprisingly he never smoked in his life and is depressed due to the underachievement throughout his life. The story tells you about Walter White or Heisenberg who is an expert in producing crystallized methamphetamine; the purest anyone else has ever produced. He gets accompanied by Jese Pinkman, who was the student of Walter in school.

Top crime TV shows of all time

The Gist

Breaking bad is known for Heisenberg but also for the characters like Gus Fring, a respected drug boss and a philanthropist. Then there are known criminals like Tuco Salamanca, and Hector Salamanca who are dangerous and make you laugh with fear at times. Some characters like Skinny Pete and, Badger add the essence of naive humour to keep us involved.

The show is legendary due to the perfect portrayal of all the characters (The ones who get enough screen time). Every character complements the storyline and contributes to the plot building.

Breaking Bad
A chemistry teacher turned into a methamphetamine drug dealer
Breaking bad is one of the best TV show ever made due to fearlessness of Walter White while killing and sleeping on the pile of money in the course of the show.
Acting of Supporting Characters
Gripping Story line
First season seems slow
Less Screen time to some important characters


1. The Wire

The former police reporter David Simon has authored this masterclass. The show is based and made in the city of Baltimore which is full of illegal drug-related activities and cold-hearted murders, even children get involved in the rides.

The name is inspired by the continuous wiretapping of the phone calls of the drug dealers, both legally and illegally by the police department. The show offers you everything a Crime Drama could come up with.

The Gist

The lead character James Jimmy McNulty is a detective in the Baltimore Police Station. He believes, he is more talented than everyone else so he ignores the chain of command and works on his own. This lands him in trouble for not following the orders, even gets him suspended. Apart from that he is an alcoholic and fighting his ex-wife for the child support.

Then there is Stringer Bell, different from other drug lords. He goes for an economics class and, wants to launder money for legalizing the drug and other illegal empires.

This highly rated show is known for the flawless screenplay with every character getting the required screentime. Finding imperfection in the direction, storytelling will be perverse which makes “The Wire” the best Crime TV Show ever made.

The Wire
Struggles of police and criminals concluding in an illegal wiretap
Gunshots with bloodshed are normal, they fuck with nudity throughout the show, the strategies and twists in the plot never let you hit that pause button
Story Line
Flawless Direction
Perfect Screen time to every character
Never stops entertaining you
Find Me One



Verdict on Crime TV shows of all Time

You can’t end up blowing any of these crime TV shows as they kept the audience entertained all the time. The list is exhaustive but, there are many other shows like

  • The Night of
  • Homeland
  • Fargo
  • Mindhunter
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Prison Break
  • Ozark

Once you have seen the top 5 crime shows of all time then go for the above-listed ones too.