In 2016, 4G contributed 13% of the total data traffic pan-India

Despite the facts that coverage of 4G network is not-so-good across India and it has been only a year since it was launched in India, 4G contributed 13% of total data traffic pan-India in the year 2016 according to Nokia’s annual Mobile Broadband Index Study.

4G deployments have mostly taken place in Tier-1 cities and 26% of data traffic is 4G and contribution of 3G was 63%. As per the report 2G has dropped by 13%, but it was still major carrier for all sort of voice telephony purposes.

All aross India, 3G and 4G networks together shared 76% of data traffic. Talking of data usage per subscriber, 4G is clearly ahead of the rest, as per the stats monthly data usage per subscriber for 4G was 1400 MB and in case of 3G it was 850 MB.

Head of Nokia (India Market), Sanjay Malik quoted :

“Indian operators will need to explore technologies, such as carrier aggregation, small cells, sectorization, and fiberization, to enhance overall efficiency and increase capacity to meet the growing demands.”