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Top 10 playlists on Apple Music

Top 10 playlists on Apple Music

Music is sometimes compared to the essence of life. Life without music is like what oceans seem without the waves and the night skies look without the stars. It is a way to reach out to his/her true self, rejuvenate, and replenish. With so much going on around us — a pandemic plaguing the world, educational institutes being closed, workplaces going down, and people working from home; sometimes it gets difficult to getaway. The best you can do is listen to music. At that point, you do not want to spend time finding the top playlists on Apple Music or any other service. I am often asked about the top playlists on Apple Music by so many of you. Let us talk about it.

There are numerous apps to let you listen to your favourite tracks. Be it Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or JioSaavn, they are overwhelmed with music each day and it might get challenging to select the best music.

Apple Music has one of the largest libraries with a vivid range of curated playlists to select from. Here are some of the best available playlists which would suit your mood with the right vibe, be it for work, study, relaxing, or just motivation.

1. BEATstrumentals

Top playlists on Apple Music BEATstrumentals
BEATstrumentals | Playlist on Apple Music

This is the playlist that you need if you are a person who loves music but the lyrics could be off-putting. People who are into the creative field such as writing, painting, or cooking, sometimes use music to concentrate. It encompasses a variety of tracks across genres such as jazz, hip-hop, and soul. What more do you need to concentrate on? Also, you won’t have the fear of singing along and ending up stranded with an incomplete task.

2. Pure Motivation

Top playlists on Apple Music Pure Motivation
Pure Motivation | Playlist on Apple Music

Pure motivation is a playlist composed of several simulating tracks. Feeling lost or low on energy? This is exactly what you need on a pale afternoon to set the right mood. These 100 songs are nothing but a blast of energy to propel you through the rest of your tasks. The playlist features tracks from Kayne West, Sia, Jay-Z, Dua Lipa Calvin Harris, and many more.

3. In My Room

Top playlists on Apple Music In My Room
In My Room | Playlist on Apple Music

It’s always right to get away from the world and spend some me-time in isolation. What’s a better place to do this, than your room. In My Room, is a playlist created by Apple Music’s Pop team, a perfect after a shower, no-towel treat. It has all the elements of a perfect calming playlist with soft voices like Joji and pop stars like Taylor Swift. The playlist does nothing but creates a wonderful atmosphere with simplicity and serenity.

4. Midnight City

Top playlists on Apple Music Midnight City
Midnight City | Playlist on Apple Music

An evening drive through your city (especially when you are not in Bengaluru) is usually accompanied by longer green lights, lesser cars on the road, and a sense of peace. The night isn’t just for sleep, instead, it is meant for dreams. Apple Music has brilliantly curated Midnight City blossoms for moments like these. It has an amalgamation of dance-pop, indie, and electronic tracks which set in the right pulse. The nightlights will be more intriguing with these tracks accompanying you.

5. Acoustic Hits

Top playlists on Apple Music Acoustic Hits
Acoustic Hits | Playlist on Apple Music

When you savour a delightful musical therapy, this is the final destination for you. Apple Music presents you unplugged songs made by its original artists but introduced in a new light, these hit pop tracks have been brought back to their candid beauty – stimulating songs and engrossing tunes without compromising their sway.

6. Unwind

Top playlists on Apple Music Unwind
Unwind | Playlist on Apple Music

You might be anyone, doing anything in your life and with a genre of choice for music, but there is always a part of your day where you feed the need to relax and rejoice for a moment. For the exact moment, we bring you Apple Music’s Unwind. This playlist combines indie-pop, electronic R&B tracks in a musical collection to help you get rid of the stress.

Hold a cup of refreshing tea, or coffee and enjoy this one. You worked hard to be worthy of this moment.

7. Feeling Happy

Top playlists on Apple Music Feeling Happy
Feeling Happy | Playlist on Apple Music

With all the darkness and unrest going on around the world, sometimes you can just use a little music that sets up a grin on your face, notably when working from home is stressful. Happiness is not always expressed but could be felt and, what better feeling than wonderful music could help. This playlist is a wonderful package of uplifting tracks to raise your mood.

8. Disney Essentials

Top playlists on Apple Music Disney Essentials
Disney Essentials | Playlist on Apple Music

Disney has ruled the childhoods for generations, we all are familiar with the tracks of the Disney World. While this playlist might not help you focus on work, it would help you get along with the kids. The live lyrics feature synced in with the music on the Apple Music’s app, allows you to refine your singing skills by singing-along these legendary tracks, spanning generations of memories to your younger ones.

9. New Fire

Top playlists on Apple Music new fire
New Fire | Playlist on Apple Music

The name itself is self-explanatory. For all the music junkies who like to explore the leading tracks, this is an all-in-one pitstop. It isn’t specific to any mood or a vibe, and has only one ruling principle – the latest is the greatest. Tracks include scorching hot hip-hop, R&B. and the best new dance music.

10. Easy Hits

Top playlists on Apple Music Easy Hits
Easy Hits | Playlist on Apple Music

These tracks are nothing but a lighter side of pop with psychedelic lyrics ranging from the 70s era to Ed Sheeran’s time. Play out these songs to ease out your stress or on an eventual evening at the dinner table. They are just the right fit. Listen up and take a comforting stroll in your head. Ease out and enjoy it.

What is going on around the world is quite horrendous and sitting locked in our homes, it becomes difficult to clear our mind from negativity. Music is one such means that helps you relax.

Well, to sum up, it has to be noted that Apple Music has the world’s largest directory of music online. Several curated playlists are available for the listeners, made by Apple Music as well as the users. We have made an effort to summarise a few options for our audience and, we hope that you like it. Do write to us if you have any suggestions to add to our list.

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