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3 best Android Emulators and Bluestacks alternatives

Anyone who has used android devices would be familiar with the subtle nature and ease of the Android Operating System. We can not only play high end games but also make our lives easy with such a vast ecosystem of applications. Many people who had smartphones that had Symbian, iOS or any other OS installed wanted to have a taste of android. As a result developers started to built a desktop app that would help Desktop Users to access Android Operating System. Couple of years back, we just had maybe one or two alternatives to run Android Apps on the desktop and Bluestacks was the first that struck a chord. Be that as it may, things have changed at this point. Here you will know about  the best Android Emulators and Bluestacks alternatives.

All things considered, here are some reasons why might somebody need to find the perfect alternative of Bluestacks

  • On actuating the Bluestacks App Player, you will discover your CPU utilization high in system administrator which really will chicken out your PC
  • My general involvement with Bluestacks was naffly, but rather it was more like unsatisfactory. It demands high-end PC.
  • Though being effective, Bluestacks is really an indispensable application player but is not that grade-appropriate for development based undertakings.


We have exclusively brought for you BEST 3 alternatives of Bluestacks.


Now-a-days we have an effective bunch of Android Emulators. What’s more, choices are something to be thankful for. In any case, it likewise makes the choice procedure troublesome. Isn’t that so?

On the other hand some of the emulators need a graphic card while others don’t. Some work just on Windows, while he others need a cross stage. To put it plainly, we have numerous alternatives now.

Be that as it may, you don’t need to waste time, to find the best Android emulators for you. I have tailed this specialty, for a long while now. Furthermore, in light of my experience, I will let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each Android emulator in the business sector.

So let’s move on with the list.

1 : GenyMotion


The principal elective application to BlueStacks is GenyMotion. It is fast and simple. It offers a number of pre-configured devices and enables you to create your own custom device. GenyMotion is a valuable Bluestacks alternative for running android applications on PC. It supports development highlights like Opening GL and equipment quickening. It also offers it services on MAC OS /Linux other than Windows OS. Well that’s what makes it not the same as the rest is. It runs effectively. Moreover it is free for individual/personal use. Unlike Bluestacks, you don’t find pre-installed G-apps and Play Store but you can self-install the G services.

In the test run, even the heavy apps run swimmingly and flawlessly. UI is entirely straightforward and it tries everything to offer immaculate stock experience, yet with some slight changes.

Download Genymotion for Windows
Download Genymotion for Windows

The only thing which contrasts its effectiveness is that it is a bit toughie to install and demands a GenyMotion account for downloads.


2 : Andy Emulator


Another name which clicks out boldly when we think of android emulator is Andy for Android. Not at all like Bluestacks; Andy is a stock android emulator. It is accompanied by a virtual machine. Also, in light of stock Android, we get speckless Android experience. I appreciate that. Andy Android emulator additionally provides its clients, either on Windows OS or Mac OS with boundless stockpiling limit. So that, you can have full flexibility to play the most prevalent Android apps on your desktop. It introduces the extremely immaculate variant of Android working framework on Windows framework, with no sticker price.

Download Andyroid – Andy OS Android Emulator

However installing and launching Andy is not everyone’s cup of tea. It additionally requires high end PCs. Also when heavy apps are closed, the emulator remains in the same screen mode.


3 : YouWave


YouWave Android Emulator is yet another generally used Bluestacks alternative that presents you an amazing Android experience in your Windows-fuelled PC. There are additionally some different elements you’d apprise in it. One of them is that it supports multi-player online games and gives you sublime gaming background. A notable feature of YouWave is that it comes with a pre-installed G-apps and.

YouWave also depends on Virtual Box and there may be some issues with respect to execution of your PC when you are utilizing it. It is a premium apparatus and you will need to pay $19.99 to get this Windows-just instrument.

Download YouWave Android Emulator

Despite the fact that simple as far as it looks, YouWave is in reality a decent to-go Bluestacks alternative. When you are prepared to pay, need essential elements and great results, you ought to observe into YouWave Emulator also.

Now is the time to switch on something else guys…

Do let us know the one you are going with and the absolute best element you preferred about it. For any problems comment box is at your disposal.