5 Ways to be a Geek, not a Nerd

What’s the difference between a nerd and a geek? Well to start off, this picture sums it up perfectly:



Get it? [highlight ]Nerds are super intelligent, not super smart.[/highlight] Their knowledge is academical, but not practical. They have dismembered every piece of fiction they have ever encountered, and believe in only hard reality, while it is really hard for them to face reality. [highlight ]Geeks on the other hand, merge their imagination into real life situations.[/highlight] They enjoy the real world, they are proud of their obsession and they do not allow themselves to be picked on. [highlight ]Geeks have the one thing that nerds don’t, “Imagination”.[/highlight] Imagination is what makes a simple shortcut; a lifehack. When people tell you to get a life, don’t think that partying and procrastinating like them is having a life. Having a life means having something to live for; however uncool that thing may be (as long as it doesn’t harm others). When you have time on your hands, don’t waste it on a mobile game, do something productive, something you’ll be proud of. Be a GEEK!


Fulfilling our responsibilities as responsible geeks, we would like to talk about how to achieve a state of perfect geekhood. 


So, here are 5 ways to be a cool, likable nerd who is well adjusted into society, a. k. a. a geek!


1. Find a mode of expression



If you are passionate about something, go out and discuss it! Find more people that share your passion. Make yourself heard. Speak out! Be it anime or animals, it is your right to share what you feel. Create a Goddamn blog about it for all that it is worth.

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2. Learn An Art Form



This may or may not be related to your obsession, but art helps many people to get on with their lives through difficult times. Being a geek is not easy, and sometimes you are just too stressed out to carry on with being so knowledgeable about something. In these times, a little jamming goes a long way in lifting your spirits up, and it adds to your skill set as well.

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3. Be Creative With Your Passion



Don’t follow what people do. Make everyone follow you. That means not knowing or doing a lot of people already do. Well, not exactly anyway. Experiment a little, mix up the themes, be a little out of the way and win appreciation from everyone. Trust me, being appreciated helps you a lot with struggle.

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4. Be A People’s Person




Come flying out of your personal closet. Do not be shy about what you think is cool. Make everyone realize how cool it is to talk about what you love. Don’t revel in your own knowledge, share it. Do not leave alone those who don’t understand as ignorant muggles. Remember, it is your responsibility to spread awesomeness in this world.

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5. Make Your Passion Profitable



Now, this is something everybody shies away from, lest they be labelled too materialistic. That’s a very wrong approach to your passion. Ever heard the phrase, “Might as well get paid for something I do all day”? That should be your mantra; but remember, do not be passionate about earning money, make your passion earn you money. Do not let people’s choice define your work, because your work has the power to define their choice.

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That’s all for now people; I hope these instructions would be helpful in overcoming your insecurities and fully embrace your geeky side. Keep checking gawkinggeeks.io for more inspirational Top 5s!