6 ways to Improve your Social Life

Are you an introvert? What does your present social situation look like? Are you encircled by people who bring the utmost out of you? Or are you repressed by the individuals who just drag you down? Do you have a myriad of connections? Or do you invariably feel alone?

Regardless of your present social situation, it’s intact to say that one of the most important facet of your life is your relationships. Your relationships have an immense impact on who you are as a person. Unfortunately, one area where many people strive with is their social life, and for much of my life I strove too. Fortunately, I soon realized that we are in total control of our social situation.

I’d like to share with you some of the life factors that can make your social progress leap forward.

1. Identify and Replace Negative Thoughts

If you have a plenty of negative thoughts about your social interactions, it could become a self-fulfilling prognosis. Identify negative thoughts that are presumably dragging you down. Replace them with more lifelike realistic thoughts, like “I can meet new people and I can make conversation with them”. Don’t allow yourself to undergo thoughts that aren’t productive.


2. Stop Fearing Rejection 

One of the main reasons why people struggle to have a decent social life is because of the fear of rejection. Everyone is insecure. Yes, some are more or less insecure than others but everyone has their flaws. Don’t waste a second of your life thinking you’re not good enough. Dump those beliefs immediately. Enfold your differences and rise above the fear of rejection.


3. Behave Like a Social Person

You can behave like a social individual, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t allow angst to hold you back. Make a resolution to talk to new people and to enter into conversations even when you’re feeling shaky about it. Over time, it will get easier and you’ll quickly start developing your social skills.

kuch nai

4. Just Say Yes

Think back to how many times you’ve denied offers for drinks, dine outs or any other social gatherings. Let’s face it; after a tiresome day at work, we all covet the couch, but too many nights in can wreck your social life. The more you deny, less the people invite you anywhere. Rather than saying No, give them the temptation to stay in, answer yes to the next invite – and make that a habit.

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5Boost existing bonds

Sometimes we all take close friendships for granted and presume the people we’ve known so long will always be there, but these relationships can only last by some efforts. Why not call your dearest and oldest friends and plan a summer road trip to Goa or Ladakh? Get your college BFFs together for a night out or spell out a way to see your friends more frequently. The more you make an effort and give it a try, the more others will, too.

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6. Make Networks Online 

One of the fascinating things about being alive today is that we have the ability to connect with thousands of people all around the world. 30 years ago that wasn’t possible.

Thanks to the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, we can associate with virtually anyone we want to. We can build relationships and be friends with people who share our goals and interests, as well as explore other types of ideas and beliefs systems. Reach out to people. Connect. Share your story. Awesome, isn’t it?


The ultimate goal of becoming more social isn’t to be the most attractive person or  have people around you. The point is to enhance your life with people that challenge you, encourage you and imbue life with a richness and contentment which can’t come from private successes alone. I think that’s a goal worth striving for.