I am no techie but it’s just that I am fond of technical stuff, especially gadgets. Of course I won’t deny the offer if someone gifts me an iPhone; however the fact is, which I even believe, that one should be loyal towards the things they have been using as it gets attached to you. So, I have been using Windows Phone for about 2 years now and I am pretty much satisfied with it. So, today let’s talk about the new feature that Microsoft is about to launch on July 29th.

If the facts are to be believed then Microsoft is all set to launch Windows 10. Yes, that’s correct! They have skipped number 9 and have went straight up to Windows 10. There are some really cool features that will catch your attention.


So what are these features? Let’s have a look:


1. The Start Menu



Microsoft makes amends to their biggest mistake of Windows 8 by giving back the Start Menu to the users at its deserved spot, viz the bottom left corner of the desktop. But that’s not all; once you click on the start menu, you will be able to see the tiles like they appear on Windows 8 and you can even turn them off if you want to.


2. Windowed Metro Apps



Those flayed Metro Apps from Windows 8 have not been removed by Microsoft; however they have been revamped to fit n the desktop. When you open a Metro App in Windows 10, it will take you to a new window instead of keeping you in full screen App. Although it’s better than Windows 8 but you cannot cut and paste a text from Metro App to a Normal App.


3. Action Center Notification



Be it Android or iOS or even Windows, I believe that notification tray is one of the coolest features. It gives you all the information just by sliding it. Same is the case with Windows 10. Cortana has been integrated with Windows 10 in a much better way, so you will see Action Center as a safe house of important information.


4. Cortana



This feature of Microsoft is the best reply to iOS’s Siri. The intelligent digital assistant of Windows 8.1 now moves to PCs and Laptops. Now that it’s launched for Laptops and PCs, Cortana will need your credentials or information on her Bing-powered cloud smarts to fetch the information that you are looking for. Using your natural language’s text or voice commands, Cortana will help you find any information online.


5. Project Spartan Browser



Now just forget about Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and definitely about Internet Explorer (used to exist in dinosaur’s age). Now is the time for Project Spartan Browser. This is the flagship of Windows and is just too awesome! Things you can do? You can search pictures or any other document or articles or just anything but just by staying where you are. Simply open the Microsoft Edge tile on the Start Menu or search for Project Spartan. With Cortana now being introduced in Laptops, Project Spartan will help you with locations as well.


6. Revamped Mail and Calender Apps



The Windows 8 email and calender features have been completely changed and now look much much better than its predecessor. They are speedy and can give much more information to the user on the screen. The Mail App feature now has a swipe functionality to make it easy for the users to access their inbox more effectively. It also has a POP Mail support and Google Calender.


7. Virtual Desktops



So what on Earth is this? Have you seen the multiple Windows features on the Mac? Well, Virtual Desktop comes as a fitting reply to Apple. To create a Virtual desktop, all you need to do is to click on the Task View Button on the Task Bar and create as many desktops as you want.


For people who are more comfortable using keyboards, these shortcuts might be of help:

  • WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT: Switch to previous or next desktop.
  • WIN + CTRL + D: Create a new desktop.
  • WIN + CTRL + F4: Close the current desktop.
  • WIN + TAB: Launch task view.


Features include the following:

  1. Gives you more desktop space to group related windows.
  2. Helps you to quickly locate and switch to any window or group of windows.
  3. Lets you easily re-organize your groups and move windows as tasks evolve.
  4. Keeps you in control of the degree of separation between your grouped windows.


Well, that was impressive Microsoft.


8. Xbox App



This feature will impress the gamers. The centre of the app gives you the Activity Feed which shows the recent activities of your Xbox Live Friends.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI4QVOaLCWk?feature=player_detailpage]


Also, now you get better graphics and gaming experience. You can now also record your gameplay with the new Game Bar because Xbox One comes with Game DVR functionality that helps to record games.


9. Continuum



Microsoft has been very thoughtful about the current generation who are more into the use of Touchscreen. Microsoft has come up with a dynamic feature called as Continuum that will help the users to use their Laptop as a Laptop or as a Tablet. “Continuum is about being able to transform your use of a device into mobile scenarios that give up no compromises in your use of input device or screen size.” says Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore. Connecting a Windows 10 mobile device to a larger screen allows you to utilize your phone as a PC. Now this is what I call awesome.


10. Settings Menu



This part of your system gets a new look and is better than its predecessor. The options that you get in the Settings Menu are: System, Devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Accounts, Time & language, Ease of Access, Privacy, and Update & recovery. It’s more resilient and of course better than 8.1. Now going to the Control Panel and finding a particular advanced setting is easier.


So that’s all about the new Version of Windows. I believe that with these interesting features it will definitely give a tough competition to its rival Mac. But you need to wait till July 29th to see whether it’s actually worth it.


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