TRAI website went down on Monday and Anonymous India has claimed the credits for taking down the TRAI. Anonymous is a group of hackers that comes into action when government policies are going wrong, or any organisation or individual is working for goals which are not in favor of common man. They can be regarded as the internet guardians.

Anonymous India took TRAI down after publicly releasing e-mail IDs of all those people from which they received responses regarding the issue of net neutrality, that kind of immature action was not at all expected from an organisation such as Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), in response to which Anonymous hacked the TRAI website, claiming that the list of e-mail IDs could have been exploited by spammers.



The list released by TRAI consists of million of IDs from March 27 to April 24 which was the last date for sending mails to TRAI regarding net neutrality. However, mails of dates April 14 and April 15 were not on the list. Database was categorised into sections such as “Comments from Service Provider Associations”, “Comments from Service Providers” and  “Comments from other stakeholders”. Access to Category of stake holders i.e. general public has been simplified to maximum extent as they provided sorted datewise data. Anyone can access the database and search an e-mail or name simply by key word search.




Anonymous hacked the TRAI website via DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack that is a matter of concern because website of such an organisation could stand against denial-of-service attack. Anonymous have posted a series of tweets with a warning that website will be hacked again in the near future.



After overflooding with the request to stop DDoS  attack, they restored TRAI website and TRAI has not yet done anything about the list.



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