What comes to your mind when someone asks you, who is the world’s greatest leader? We think it would be president of some country or a religious leader, but the person who has been maned as the greatest leader in the world is Tim Cook, CEO of tech giant Apple. He has aced the list of World’s Greatest Leaders as declared by Fortune.

In year 2011, Tim Cook was chosen as the successor of Steve Jobs. He led Apple when it was in a turmoil after Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple resigned, vacating the highest position of the company and then Tim Cook was selected to fill in the position and was given the responsibility to make the company achieve even greater heights that it did in the reign of Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneur and innovator the world has ever witnessed.

Tim Cook has successfully filled the shoes of Steve Jobs as Apple’s smartphones took the lead in the world market, leaving behind other smartphones and sold the most number of smartphones in the year 2014 as compared to any other tech giant and it’s stocks have reached highest value ever and looking at it’s new products- Apple’s new MacBook with only one USB Type-C port, latest iPad, Apple’s Smartwatch and Apple Pay, it’s clear that they are on new tracks of innovation and not following the monotonous path.

Tim Cook has done his graduation from Auburn University and pursued his master’s from Duke University. He then worked for 12 years in IBM and then as COO of Intelligent Electronics and when he was asked to join Apple by Jobs, he was serving as Vice President at Compaq in department for Corporate Materials.

Tim Cook has also become a role model for queer community by announcing that he is gay, that no one would have predicted.

Tim Cook has also announced that he will donate most of his wealth after taking caring of the college fee of his nephew and has joined the league of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have decided to donate most of their wealth too.


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