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Best Alternatives to Play Store

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Want to download a new application? Simply go to the Google Play Store and download it but if you are in China then it’s not that simple as Play Store is Banned in China. You can get Paid apps for free in some other stores, waiting for you to download and share. On some stores you can even get the legit license of any application .


Here are some of the best Alternatives to Play Store :


1. Amazon App


First, Amazon’s latest update shows that we cannot download apps from them if the country is set to India. Change the country to USA and you will be rewarded by some premium apps for free too. Amazon offers one Paid app for free every day which is something that no other store offers. There are occasional sales where you get a bunch of paid apps for Free; they can be games, video player or even a password encryption app.


amazon app store Best Alternatives to Play Store


2. Aptoide


Aptoide was initially launched by the developer as a summer internship in 2009. Aptoide has a different concept unlike Google Play Store, it is not a centralized store but is divided into mini stores which are managed by users. All we have to do is search on it and the result will sort the stores and the version of that app.




3. Black Mart


Black Mart is pretty famous for making Paid apps available for free. Black Market is mainly used for retrieving the latest APKs. It is probably one of the oldest app market. Fake versions of this app is available in the Market.


black mart Best Alternatives to Play Store


There are some more App Stores which are less popular or used regionally; some of them are Mobo Genie, 1Mobile Market, Free Store, etc.


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