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Best Fitness Apps to Get you Moving

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Most people make resolutions around the dawn of the New Year, hell-bent on mending their health. Dismally by the end of January, they have already fallen back to their old routines. Boo! Yes, it’s difficult to stay on a task and take care of yourself, but it’s ones of the most fundamental things you should do.

To achieve that, there is a deluge of new fitness apps, all convincing to be the big difference maker in your life. So, we’ve done the digging for you and identified the four apps that really will make a difference to your fitness.


1. Nike+ Training Club


This app is simply like working out alongside with one of the Nike’s pro athletes or master trainers. The app has more than 100 step-by-step demo videos designed to help you achieve your fitness goals; whether it is focus, strength, or toning. With their four-week programs and progress tracker, setting and achieving new fitness goals is a piece of cake.




2. Cody


It’s like the Facebook for fitness. It’s a virtual coaching app that forges a social platform for casual exercisers. All the fitness freaks and gym goers that like to videotape each other working out daily can muster in one place. The app also has an uncomplicated interface and intuitive navigation to make it ideal for less-than-tech-savvy users as well.




3. Moves


Moves app serves as a reminder that all those little steps add up. This app tracks your day second by second, and gives you an analysis of all your movements; steps, stairs, and even pedals too. It calculates your calories burned and presents it as an easy to read timeline, to keep things simple and distraction free.




4. Calorie Counter


This app helps people count their calories by entering it into an online diary, as well as keep a trail of their exercise. Consider it as having a personal trainer and nutritionist at your disposal at all times. It’s for anyone who have a hectic life, looking to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight. Not only does it trail your calories, it even grants you a barcode scanner to get more specific with what you are consuming daily. Its food database is one of the largest out there with over two million entries.