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The Big Bang Theory: Was this the Most Heart-breaking Finale Yet?

The Big Bang Theory has been always known for its gags and jokes. Its key characters, namely Sheldon, Penny, Leonard and Amy have made a special place in our hearts and the show never feels complete without the rest of the gang which includes Howard, Raj, Bernadette and its newest (forcefully added) member, Stewart who refuses to leave Howard’s mothers home.

The show has touched our hearts with its unique idea of glorifying the underdogs, the bullied nerds who are often misunderstood and always segregated from all the cool things. [highlight color=#0092FF ]We can’t help but crack a laugh on the show’s penchant and trademarked scenes which include Sheldon’s “Bazinga” and his obsessive knocking ritual at Penny’s doorstep.[/highlight] In short, the show is always light and tickles our funny bones. The show has had some dramatic cliff hangers such as the guys leaving for the North Pole for three months, Sheldon meeting Amy and hitting it off, Leonard going on voyage and of course, Sheldon running away. They’ve always left a shocking effect. But Season 8’s Finale for once was a very emotional episode that has left many a question unanswered and left the viewers with a heavy heart. [highlight color=#0092FF ]The finale in a way was also cruel to say the least.[/highlight]


Let’s see what the finale brought and what we can expect with Season 9:


[button color=”red” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” ]1. The Will-They-Won’t They[/button]


Penny and Leonard have always been a fairy tale couple of sorts. The nerdy, shy fellow scores the hot blonde next door. [highlight color=#0092FF ]However, their relationship has seen more ups and downs than Bella trying to figure out whether she wants a werewolf or a vampire.[/highlight]

With a failed first date in Season 2, to another disastrous attempt at dating that ended in Season 3, to further complicated relationship attempts with other people, Leonard and Penny finally found their way back in Season 5 and seemed to go steady since then. With Leonard proposing, and the couple staying engaged throughout Season 8 till Sheldon popping up the question of why they haven’t decided a date for the marriage.

This resulted in Penny wanting to drive down to Vegas that very night and marry Leonard. [highlight color=#0092FF ]What started off as a romantic get-away ends in (surprise surprise) another disastrous cliff hanger with both of them uncertain of whether they really are ready for this and Leonard’s confession of partly cheating on Penny worsens the matter.[/highlight]


[alert type=green ]This is a big question mark that needs to be answered, if Leonard and Penny are just forcefully holding onto a relation that could never have worked or can they save it all and have their happy ending?[/alert]


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[button color=”blue” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” ]2. The Trio[/button]


[highlight color=#0092FF ]Howard always seems to be having issues with being alone with Bernadette.[/highlight] First, it was his infamous and unhealthy relationship with his mother Debbie as he always had a problem “cutting the cord”. Then it was his bromance with Raj who found it a little hard to adjust to the fact that his best friend Howard is now married and when he says honey it’s for Bernadette, not him.

When these two angles seemed to have settled down, we now have Stewart who has decided to stay at Howard’s residence without actually thinking through it. [highlight color=#0092FF ]Bernie and Howard do pluck up some courage to finally throw him out but they end up celebrating his birthday reluctantly instead.[/highlight]


[alert type=red ]This too is a burning question of whether Howard and Bernie will finally find marital bliss just between themselves or will she always have to keep sharing his time with others?[/alert]


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[button color=”green” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” ]3. The Darkness Battle[/button]


Viewers were finally happy to find Raj dating a normal girl, given his failed attempts at dating which ranged from a deaf girl, to iPhone’s Siri, to an extremely introvert girl who was scared even to get her hair cut – partly owned to the fact that he couldn’t speak in front of girls without alcohol; [highlight color=#0092FF ]fans cheered to see Raj had finally found happiness with Emily.[/highlight]

However Emily’s dark nature has been highlighted throughout the season, with her creepy jokes and even weirder choices in horror movies until Raj decided that he couldn’t continue this relationship anymore. [highlight color=#0092FF ]However, when the time actually came to breakup, Raj chickened out and ended up saying how much he loves Emily.[/highlight]


[alert type=blue ]This again is another mystery that remains to be solved in the upcoming season of how far Raj is ready to push himself just for a shot at love.[/alert]


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[button color=”pink” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” ]4. The Shamy Conundrum[/button]


And then we have our beloved, most liked couple on the show – Amy and Sheldon. Their quirky inside jokes, Amy’s longing for Sheldon’s love and attention and Sheldon’s slow, growing dependency on Amy make them an endearing couple.

However, one cannot blame Amy anymore. She has been nothing but patient and adjusting with Sheldon’s unconventional thinking and discomfort at the thought of human contact and finally feels she needs some time off to figure out where their relationship is going.

[highlight color=#0092FF ]If this blow wasn’t hard enough, it becomes more heart breaking as it is revealed that Sheldon had actually decided to take their relationship a step ahead by wanting to propose to her but cannot pluck up courage as he respects Amy’s wishes to take a break.[/highlight]

[highlight color=#0092FF ]One’s heart truly goes out and one cannot help but feel proud of how far our Sheldon has come[/highlight] – from a man who cannot even go to the bowling alley without taking his own shoes, to someone who has actually made peace with the fact of getting engaged and eventually married.


[alert type=green ]This is the biggest mystery that needs to be sorted out in Season 9.[/alert]


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The Big Bang Theory always creates a good hype but this time the finale came out with a Bang and one cannot help but fathom what the future of all these relationships is? Only time and writers can tell, but I hope Season 9 doesn’t end up in heart breaks!


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