Ever since the crusade of Edward Snowden came into motion, a revelation has occurred that states “India is one of the most dissected and scrutinized country when it comes to Governmental secrets and security”. Countries especially USA and China have for a long time hacked into government and military servers and snooped all our secrets. But there’s a slight possibility that all this unfair intrusive gaze are bygones.




A potential new era is expected to take place for India; in coming years Indian Government will finally implement their wise decision in almost all of the Indian Offices with the so-called Indian Operating System. All the Microsoft Windows Operating systems will be replaced with an Open Source Linux based OS known as BOSS. It stands for Bharat Operating System Solutions. A Union Home Ministry meeting will decide the fate of this OS, and henceforth the replacement process might begin.




This OS is a paradigm which will defy all the cliché thoughts Indians have for their country regarding innovation. Also the Indian outlook might change for the rest of the world. With this upbringing, India will no longer be “Only manufacturing and servicing” country , rather it will stand shoulder to shoulder with all Linux based competition. Best case scenario will be to make this open source OS mandatory to use only in Government offices. It might not be available for private use all together.




BOSS was Developed by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) of India at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Chennai; it was first launched in 2007. It was a failure for a long time, many educational institutes chose Suse Linux over BOSS, as BOSS was proved to be ineffective for most of the systems. However, Code name ‘Anokha’ is the current version of BOSS 5.0 (supports 20 Indian Languages) and speculation suggests a 6.0 version is on its way. Linux authority has given a green signal to this OS, by certifying it regarding the Linux standards.

If all goes well, India will be less victimized for invasion of privacy and Chinese espionage will give up.

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