The world is filled with sorrows, oh that is a very pensive start but it’s true. We are surrounded with pain, hurt, heartbreaks, emotional damage. Why shouldn’t we? Are we not a part of this world? Every single one of these feelings comes to us eventually and we cannot evade it. Sometimes we go through them, sometimes our loved ones do and we cannot see them crying, sitting in a place barely moving. We try so hard to make it right; sometimes we can, sometimes we cannot. We ask ourselves how to comfort people in pain?


We being humans may not know the remedy but this robot does. Meet Baymax – Your personal healthcare assistant.


baymax cute gawkingeeks


What? You haven’t seen Big Hero 6 movie? Okay, never mind we won’t tell it to anyone. Baymax is super cute, fluffy, cute, intelligent, cute, hi-tech, cute, helping, cute Robot. Here is what Baymax has to say :


bh gawkingeeks1


bh gawkingeeks2


bh gawkingeeks3


bh gawkingeeks4


bh gawkingeeks 5


bh gawkingeeks6


bh gawkingeeks7


bh gawkingeeks8


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These are few simple things that we all know but hesitate to do because they are too simple, but believe me sometimes people do need simple. People need that one thing, that small thing that will cross the bridge to their heart. One of the most beautiful gifts I have ascertained that I am able to give another is my full attention. To perceive, comprehend and reveal them that I see them, really see them and acknowledge who they are and what they bring forward. There are going to be times when the world overpowers us, when we feel incapable, when something hurts and our natural instinct is to recede and be alone.

I wrote this because I love making people happy. People like me don’t show it but they do it when the need comes.

You know how I feel when I comfort someone and make them happy?


Like this.


happy muthafuckaw gawkingeeks

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