DivX – High Quality, Lesser Size?

DivX is a new video codec commodity developed by DivX, LLC. The reason for its popularity is its ability to highly compress High Definition videos to a relatively smaller size with a very little compromise in audio/visual quality. It is one of the most common software tool related with the ‘video ripping’ phenomena in technology.

It basically has three codecs-

  1. MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX codec
  2. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD
  3. High-Efficiency Video Coding DivX HEVC Ultra HD codec




The latest version of the DivX will have the following:


1. DivX Converter

Built-in software to convert the desired video into any of the above-mentioned codecs.

The user may have the ability to –

.       Customize resolution of the output Video.
.       Select the preferred encoding mode, be it the fastest or the best quality.
.       Limit the size of the output video to their liking.
.       Customize Video Bit-Rate.
.       Video Rotation.
.       Combine several files of the same resolution and file extension into one.
.       Disable Audio track.




Besides all the user access control, there are other features like :
.       Creating MKV videos with advanced features such as smooth fast forward and rewind.
.       Converting videos into formats supported by hundred of devices.
.       A new file extension .divx
.       Rip a Blu-Ray or DVD into a smaller size.
.       Scheduling of video conversion by simply queuing them in the program window.
.       Access to various Audio formats.
.       Efficient presets like HEVC UHD 4K, HEVC 180p, Plus 4K, Mobile, iPad, iPhone.




2. DivX Player




It’s a redefined Media player with high-efficiency playback and viewing modes.
.       HEVC playback including Ultra-HD 4K.
.       Compatibility for almost every video file extension out there.
.       Video streaming into various DLNA devices in your house.
.       Customize playing speed.
.       Organise playlist.
.       Stream VoD (Video on Demand).
.       Advanced audio features like the DFX Audio Enhancer.
.       Aspect Ratio switch.




3. DivX Web Player


Cutting-edge video technology for Internet Browsers.
.      Stream Ultra HD.
.      Many Movie streaming website use DivX Web Browser.
.      Better, Faster, Smoother playback.
.      Audio Support for AAC, DTS, etc. soundtrack.
.      Video Publishing.
Picture courtesy – DivX official website