Sitting at home surfing the internet, people might consider it as a basic amenity and not acknowledge that they are among those 40% lucky people who have access to this so called global network, Internet. It is not something that cerebrals all over the world are not aware of and few people are making continuous efforts for providing affordable and hi-speed internet to everyone.


Here are a few projects going on which aim for free internet for all and are creating hype throughout the world:


1. Loon for All : Project Loon



From many years, Google has been working on this vision of providing internet access to people in rural areas with the help of balloons floating in the stratosphere at an altitude of about 20 km that is twice the height at which aeroplanes travel. With these hi-tech balloons, they will be able to provide internet to a whole nation. Project Loon’s dummy run is going on in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and recently Sri Lanka has teamed up with Google for trying out Project Loon in their country.


2. Outernet


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Global broadcast data startup Outernet Inc. currently being incubated by Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), with its project aims to provide data to people who are not having any net connection. People with outernet plans would be able to access information from various popular resources such as Wikipedia, collection of copyright e-books and many others. Also, everything will be updated on monthly basis. Outernet will not allow user to send texts or e-mails, it will only give user access to information available on the internet.


3. is an intiative taken by Facebook to connect billions of people residing in remote areas through internet. They are planning to provide free internet in rural areas via drones which would be using laser technology to transmit data at blazing fast speed of 10 Gigabits per second. At present, they have teamed up with Internet Service Providers such as Reliance in India that allow their users to access 33 popular sites free of cost.


4. Google Fibre



Google Fibre is not an alien term to us anymore; it has been successful in providing lightning fast internet connection and met expectations of its users. Kansas was the first city where Google kick-started their project and since then Google Fibre has been installed in many cities all around the world and Google plans to further expand the project in many other cities in the coming years.

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