10 Must-Have Gadgets for your Dorm Room

Summer is coming to an end and that means the countdown for college is officially on a go. This is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start the next chapter of your life. For many college students, home sweet home for the next few years will be those stunningly cramped dorm rooms.

For first-time hostelers, the thought of staying in a hostel tends to be very intimidating. To make your dorm rooms something worthy of your residence, check out these must-have gadgets that will help you to cope with these shared   8 x 6 rooms and will help you to make the most of your collegiate experience.


1. Noise Cancellation – Headphones


Given that  your room-mate are apt to do obnoxious things like snoring at night loudly or playing Counter-Strike (or ahem), then noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must to survive on-campus living. The headphones will block out nearly 85 percent of ambient noise, so you can stay focused while your room-mate goofs around.




2. Virtual Storage – External Hardisk


In a tight dorm space (where parties will take place), accidents can and do happen which can destroy literally everything you’ve worked for in college; not to mention all your music, sitcoms, movies and games. An external hard drive can help prevent the inevitable panic you’ll face when your laptop mysteriously stops working.



3. Juicing your phone – Portable Charger


While away from home, you will be spending most of your time on the phone between calling and texting your old friends and parents, also checking your class schedule, taking a few selfies here and there, and of course taking down numbers of new friends! Have one of these cute little chargers in your bag. It’ll save you from the panic of a dying phone.

portable charger


4.Protect your gadget – Laptop Locks


Even if you trust your friends, dorms aren’t the most secure facilities and unfortunately theft does occur. Protect your expensive and valuable laptop with these laptop locks which will make sure that your gadget remains safe and secure. Problem Solved.




5. Fuel for Thought – Electric Kettle


Living in a hostel, all-nighters will definitely happen whether it is for studies, movies or party. To fuel up your late night tummy, arm yourself with an Electric Kettle. This amazing gadget will take some of the stress of living away from home and also crave your hunger easily. You can use it to make instant noodles, coffee, tea, boil eggs, even sweet corns and some other easy to cook items. Your roommates will surely thank you.


Electric kettle



6. Lighten Up – USB Lamp


You don’t want to be that roommate —  who is up at odd hours with all the lights on! For those late night cram sessions, these clever LED Lamps that run off your laptop’s USB port or any USB hub will provide you enough light to read or take notes or work on your laptop, and this glow won’t bother your roommate.




7. Wake up Call – Alarm clock


Let’s face it: You have an 8 a.m. class, so you have to get up super early, but you had a particularly heavy night out. Who will wake you up? Definitely your mom is not coming. This is where alarm clocks will come to rescue. There are many different alarm clocks available online, buy one according to your budget. Your roommate will hate you for this, but your good results will thank you.


alarm clock



8. Pump up the Volume – Wireless Speakers


Ready to take your next dorm party up a notch and how better to do so than with a pair of wireless speakers connected to your favorite tunes through any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are one of those who likes to dance when you are high, then this is definitely for you.


wireless speakers


9. Connecting People – Power strip


If you have a hostel like we all did, then surely there will never be enough outlets for you and your roommate to charge your several multimedia devices simultaneously, which can get frustrating! To solve the problem, get yourself a Flexible Power Strip with at least 6 outlets to extend the reach and capacity of your much-required outlets.




10. Letting Off some Creases – Garment Steamer


Hostelers are the Laziest species on this planet. Forget about ironing, you won’t even wash your clothes for weeks! But for special occasions like interviews, presentations, college fest, or more importantly a hot date with the girlfriend, you should make sure your clothes aren’t wrinkled. For those special days, these steamers can get your clothes look neat and unwrinkled without requiring cumbersome ironing boards.




Don’t forget to bring your laptop and smartphone with you.


Got everything on the list? Good. Let the party, oops sorry, studies begin!