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Is Google planning to be 21st century Umbrella?

Google started off as a research project of its co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996, at Stanford University in California. This project evolved into the most popular search search engine till date and one of the most successful silicon valley giants.

Now this project is evolving into something that we saw in Hollywood blockbuster Resident Evil, which had potential to achieve dream seen by many, but accomplished by none; World Dominance.

Umbrella as we saw in the Sci-Fi was the leader in the many industries for instance pharmaceuticals, medicine and many others, some of which that they didn’t want public to know.


A lot of resemblance can be seen in Resident Evil’s Umbrella and what Google is evolving into:


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What formed the backbone of Umbrella was the tremendous breakthroughs in field of medicine and most groundbreaking inventions on which they gambled everything was T-Virus which they believe could change the fate of human race. Google also has one division, Google Life sciences which is fixating their potential on developing various methods to eradicate lethal and presently incurable disease like Cancer, Diabetes and many other. Who knows when they run into a thing like T-Virus.



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One of the things that made Umbrella guys real badass were their private paramilitary forces that was capable of carrying out any operation anywhere on the planet. Google is working on something similar; they are building their own army of robots which would operate as Google wishes to. Ellon musk seems to be really disturbed by Google’s robot army; according to him, this could mean the end of the world.



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Umbrella carried out a few top secret operations which were not known to common masses. In the same way, Google also has a semi-secretive division whose much information is not shared publicly like other divisions. Some of its projects have gained quite popularity among masses and use highly scientific technology like driverless cars, Project Loon and few others but most of details of Google X are still undercover.



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What Umbrella meant to the common masses? 

Among common masses, Umbrella was well known for their consumer, foods and cosmetics products and Google is popular for search engine, YouTube, Android development and advertising business.


But Google is still not Umbrella, there is long way to go

Empire of Umbrella was a lot bigger and covered many more sectors like space technology which Google has not entered yet, but pace with which Google is taking over companies with nothing or very less in common, it seems they are planning to enter every sector possible.

Recently Google has turned into Alphabet in which Google will be taking care of business parts which help them to generate revenue and invest money in other ambitious projects.


Let’s Hope for the Best

For now being, we cannot predict that Google would follow the path of Umbrella. It is not going to be a cup of tea to beat intelligence agencies of various nations and keep everything undercover, if Google is planning something like that. It is quite possible that they really make the world a better place as they claim so let’s sit back and see that things turn out.