How to remove watermark from Windows 10 Preview builds

As being part of Windows Insider not only do you get the Latest version of the Windows 10 Preview builds before the public but you become a part of larger experiment. Only one issue that bothers many people is the Watermark of evaluation copy which is in the lower right hand corner of your desktop

Well the Watermark does not affect you pc in anyway it just Blemishes your Desktop appearance. So today we are going to talk about how to remove it.

[alert type=blue ]Caution We will using an application called Universal watermark disabler. What does the app do? Well it just changes a1 to a0 in the registry. Technically its Altering system files, like Basebrd.dll.mui and Shell32.dll.mui. Which is kind of Risky. Well as you know nothing comes for free so you’ll have to take that risk. It is said that there is nothing devious about Universal watermark disabler. But such changes to the OS can raise a flag of caution, and I advise being thoughtful before installing any hack apps which manipulates with your system files. Well now you Aware of all these facts we should move forward.[/alert]

Follow these simply steps to remove Watermark from Windows  10 Preview builds the process will take less than 1 min so here we go

1. Download the Universal watermark disabler from here. We are using version which was updated on January 27 2015 (it works for both Windows 8 and Windows 10)

2. Run ort extract inside the Zip file


3. Hit the Install button (as you hit install you might see a warring of untested build. hit yes)

4. As it advise you to hit ok (please save all your work)
After hitting ok you might experience that your OS is crashing as your Taskbar and Start will disappear.
And you will be signed out automatically.
Don’t need to panic this is normal. As you log on you should notice that Watermark is removed Leaving you a neat and clean Desktop.


Just in case you want to put things back just re-run the uwd.exe and hit uninstall the process works in same manner just in Reverse order. It brings back shell32.dll.mui and basedbrd.dll.mui shell32.dll.mui to their normal value.GGremak


Let us know if you’re going to dive or just live with the mark of being an Insider.  Keep checking Gawking Geeks for more Tips&tricks.