Interstellar Facts and Theories you need to know!

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]nterstellar took 2 years to make and has so much more that meets the eye. Sir Christopher Nolan took us into space and presented the huge glimpse of the spectacle of cosmos, it is both thriller and a cerebral movie which hardly exists in the world kinda like “beauty and brains rarely co-exists”. It leaves you boggling and begging for more, dragging you again to the theaters to watch it again. Well, here’s something you probably didn’t know about Interstellar.


Let’s take a look at some of the Interstellar Facts and Theories . Shall we?




Here are some interesting facts about Interstellar that you probably didn’t know :-


1. Supposedly, [highlight color=#c4bff6]Steven Spielberg was going to direct Interstellar.[/highlight] Astro-physicist Kip Thorne suggested that wormholes can exist, so Spielberg brought screen-writer Jonathan Nolan to pen down the script based on the same concept. But writer’s guild insurgency prohibited Jonathan to work on any script. When finally Jonathan returned to write down the script, Spielberg had to leave the project because ‘Paramount Pictures’ who owned the project separated with his ‘Dreamworks’ production house due to some contract and business issues.


2. In January 2013, [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Sir Christopher Nolan was suggested by his screen-writer brother to the Paramount Studios.[/highlight] But maybe Warner Bros were too desperate to let him go, so they collaborated with Paramount Pictures to come up with a distribution deal, in which Paramount Pictures got the rights in USA and Warner Bros were given the rest of the world.


3. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Paramount Pictures gave up film distribution but made an exception for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar[/highlight] which is very rare, supposedly it was one of the perks of Chris Nolan’s legacy.


4. As usual, [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Chris Nolan refused to work on green screen[/highlight], instead he asked the project’s CGI designers to design the visuals and project them on massive screens on sets behind the physical space ships built in real time, so that actors could respond to images instead of blank green screens, which is a clear indication that Chris Nolan does not compromise with his craft.


5. Interstellar is the only feature film which has the longest length of IMAX 15/70 mm camera’s footage.




6. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Christopher Nolan never wanted to see Gravity[/highlight], thinking it would compromise or influence his ideas for the movie, which is another indication of his determination.


7. The movie was shot on film rather than digital.


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8. Many theaters held on to their film projectors just to show this movie on film for the last time and then switch to Digital projection.




9. Nolan decided to cast Matthew McConaughey after being impressed by his role in Mud (2012 film).


10. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Nolan had an idea for the movie which was immediately crushed by Kip Thorne[/highlight] because it wasn’t scientifically appropriate. The idea was of a Space ship which can travel at the speed of light. “Imagine Endurance or the ranger at light speed!”.


11. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]The film was shot under the fake production name “Flora’s Letter”.[/highlight] Flora is the name of Christopher Nolan’s daughter. Flora also did an appearance in the movie.




12. Nolan was so secretive that he had the project management print script in red pages so that they couldn’t be copied.


13. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Tars, Kipp and Case, the AI machines showcased in the movie aren’t achieved by CGI.[/highlight] 90% of the machines’ footage in the movie were shot in real time, the machines being physically real.




14. Ranger, Endurance Lander spaceships were also really built.




15. [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]TARS is voiced by the American actor Bill Irwin[/highlight] who also operated the hydraulics of the robot. He controlled the heavy machinery which weighed almost 200 pounds. The actor was digitally removed during post production as he was a few inches taller than TARS.




16. The entire movie was composed in about 800 TBs of data, some of the visual effects frames collectively took 100 hours to create.


17. Interstellar is inspired from various Sci-fi movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Alien, Event Horizon, Star Wars, Close Encounter of the Third Kind being the few of them.




18. This movie actually took a book to explain the science behind it, the book is called ‘The Science of Interstellar’ written by Kip Thorne himself.




Coming to theories, (yay!)


1. Some fans actually believe that the character [highlight color=#c4bff6 ]Cooper dies when he enters the black hole.[/highlight] Now the question arises that why does he see his daughter? Well, the answer to that is in the movie itself. Dr. Mann clearly says that when someone is about to die, he sees their children and tries to survive for them. It’s just a theory though.




2. The dust storms were the doing of the unidentified entities addressed as “they” in the movie.


3. “They” are also believed to be those frozen embryos or eggs, who are trying to change the past .


4. Some people even went on to say that the movie is a prequel to WALL-E.


5. The books in Murph’s bookshelf had a significant importance.


6. Some believe that the Wormhole was originated from an alternative reality which is a theory derived from an assumption that more than one realities exist at a time (concept showcased in the movie Coherence).


[alert type=blue ]There are still some more assumptions and speculation about this epic. Somewhere in the mind of the legendary Christopher Nolan there are all the answers to our geeky enigma, but supposedly he won’t answer them, because a story is what we make of the art that we see not the one which was explained by anyone else.  [/alert]