Jason Bourne : A Typical Bourne Movie
Jason Bourne is a redundant and typical sequel, offering nothing new on the table. Apart from Matt Damon's screen presence their isn't much to look for
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After 9 years of waiting we finally have a legit Bourne movie. A Franchise that ended with a really satisfying climax, suddenly out of nowhere is now trying to stretch it further. With key ingredients like Matt Damon as Jason and Paul Greengrass, the director of the movie; The movie was bound to be decent which it fortunately is, however it did have some aspect that deserve irrevocable despise.


The Story


It has been years since Jason Bourne went into hiding and he persists on continuing to do so. Only until one of his disavowed CIA companion reaches out to him with another CIA disclosure. It seems CIA is trying to implement another Black Ops operation similar to Treadstone, through which they can have eyes on each an every human being if they have their way.

Bourne 5

Jason, though completely unconcerned about the nefarious agenda of the CIA wing lead by Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), somehow entangles himself when one of his earlier companions dies in a CIA hunt. He now has to dissolve the heinous agenda of the CIA, and in doing so he comes across shocking revelations. Jason finds out that his real father Richard Webb was also involved in such Black Ops operations. Having distorted memories of his father’s assassination and some evidences, he concludes that CIA is to be blamed for his father’s death. A mission which was once a selfless act to abolish an agency’s power now becomes a pursuit of answers and revenge.


The Review



The part that I hate about this movie is that, it seems I’m watching every Bourne sequel all over again. It has the same typical elements of every Bourne movie which are

Shaky Camera

Bourne movies have definite and distinct cinematographic technique of shaking and zooming camera rapidly. Mostly the cinematographers use this technique to falsify the intensity and tension of scene and try to make it look chaotic for no reason. It is extremely unpleasant to the eyes and causes a massive dizziness, it seizes to be a technique rather it should be called a deceit to make a fool out of the audience.


Every Bourne movie has this obsolete story pattern which includes:

  • Bourne finding out a clue or information about the agency and starting a pursuit for answers.
  • For no convincing reason Jason is declared dangerous and CIA wants him dead.
  • A Professional yet inefficient assassin hunts for Bourne but instead is killed by him.
  • An old man with dirty hands and abundant authority holds the reins of the whole hunt.
  • A girl who sympathizes Bourne and is not convinced that he is dangerous as opposed to what is repeatedly  told to her by her commander.
  • The girl goes out of her way to help Bourne.
  • Bourne is escaping continuously in breathless sequence.
  • Third act always ends with a car chase, another revelation, old man dying and Bourne making a successful escape.


Damn it, they made the same movie 4 times

When you watch the same thing for way too many times it fails to shock or intrigue and gets predictable. True followers of the franchise can forecast what’s going to happen, leaving the element of surprise. With its deficiency of originality Jason Bourne takes a free-fall from the level that made it really a cool franchise.



Talking about acting the movie is blessed with an amazing cast. Matt Damon still got what it takes to pull off a perfect Bourne. He’s ripped and looks miserable as his character’s demands it. The old man mentioned above ” Robert Dewey” is being played by the legendary Tommy Lee Jones. Needless to say he nailed his part but his character didn’t have much to offer. The girl that I mentioned above, Heather Lee played by Alicia Vikander is a another generic character which may have a long run if another Bourne movie comes out. Alicia did her part with a bad accent but great dedication.

gawk jason

All in all Jason Bourne isn’t a bad movie the only thing that jeopardizes the movie is its lack of originality. The actions are believable and the acting even more so. Matt Damon has been repeatedly saying during his press tour that “we hope that we have not screwed this sequel up after having a satisfactory end to the prequels” to which I’m afraid that they did screw up. Bourne Franchise should have ended with Bourne Ultimatum.

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