DC cinematic universe has been famous for building characters form their roots . Kinda like Gotham where almost each and every character that we know of like Penguin, Maroni, Falconi, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent ,Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle seems to be building the background story of Gotham and forging the future. Well DC has something of the same sorts in store for us . It’s working on a TV show that seems like a  prequel to Superman , currently titled Krypton.

Supposedly David S. Goyer ( co-writer of Man of Steel , The Dark Knight trilogy and the creator of The Da Vinci Demons) and Ian Goldbergare working on the screenplay and plot about Superman’s actual home planet Krypton. It was a rumor in Oct,2014 but now it’s officially in production. May be it’ll be a one hour series solely based on Kal El’s(Superman) grandfather Seyg-El, who according to DC comics belonged to the House of El and a commander  of the Krypton’s  science council.

gawk el

Similar to Gotham it won’t feature the actual character that we wish to see that is Superman (Batman in the case of Gotham), it might not even  tease some Easter Eggs as it’s followed in Gotham , what’s expected from it is the dead bound origin of Kal-El may be also the father-son relationship between the father, Jor -El and grandfather  Seyg-El  of Kal-El. Also it might relate to the propaganda that led to  El’s family being banished  and ashamed and Seyg -El trying desperate measures  to bring welfare and tranquility to that planet that is in total chaos and  utter ruin.

gawk kal


So what Superman won’t be there, we will still get to see endless important characters and events like seeing the beginnings of Darkseid , Doomsday, House of El, General Zod, even Brainiac , many other Superman antagonists and other interesting myths that too having a Sci-fi setup . Imagine a comic setting standards for TV shows for being intellectual and unreal but believable.Krypton seems promising and has a lot of potential.

May be it’s the wind before the storm , the Cinematic agenda of DC is making it’s way to the surface from the void.

The show is being featured by Syfy , and lets stick to the norm that DC until now hasn’t made a wrong move with it’s character , so lets hope for the same in future.

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