The Law of Attraction: The Power of Feeling

Let’s be plain and simple, The Law of Attraction states:


[alert type=red ]You have the absolute power of attracting the things that you feel or believe in.[/alert]


Ever since The Secret (book) written by Rhonda Byrne came out in 2006, a vast world population was exposed to the power of positive and negative thinking. [highlight color=#008000 ]The book states that the universe is governed by a natural law known as “The Law of Attraction”.[/highlight] It has a lot of arguing, contradictory and questionable statements; a special one out of which is very speculative that states “You have the power to attract happiness, wealth and companionship into your life if you have a positive attitude towards them. The universe is designed to bend itself upon your thoughts.” I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the movie. It inspired me going by the same name.


Let’s comment on that:


[divider]You attract things that you feel[/divider]


People often wonder what could significant successful figures like Bill GatesSteve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have in common, we can only guess the answer. One thing that is absolutely certain is that they were committed to their agendas. Their thoughts had clarity without any contradiction and they always planned for their ambition, without any negative distractions.


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[highlight color=#008000 ]Same goes with everyone, if you doubt your opinion everyone will also do the same to your opinion.[/highlight] The Secret (movie) stated that you are Aladdin and the universe is the genie or jinni who awaits your wishes. If you feel that “I couldn’t possibly do it” or ” I don’t deserve this” or “It’s meant to fall apart”, the universe will listen and execute in the same way for you (your wish is its command).

[highlight color=#008000 ]If you expect to be indebted, abused, unhappy or any other negativity, the universe will bring it upon you.[/highlight] Thus, feeling bad is bad for yourself.


[divider]Thoughts become things[/divider]


Another thing that intrigued me about the law is that the Universe has no way of interpreting what’s good and what’s bad for you; it only goes for the frequency of your thoughts. [highlight color=#008000 ]If you think about something very frequently, chances are that those thing will show themselves to you.[/highlight]

For example: try to remember your childhood; remember those objects that you were most persistent about; say a bike, cartoon, or a movie. If you think deeply, most of your wishes for those objects got fulfilled by your parents or grand parents. You might just conclude that your childish persistence and your parents’ love for you eventually brought you those things, but try to think how bad did you want those things. Maybe because of the frequency of your thoughts that converged upon those objects made your wishes come true.



So, what has exactly changed when we grew up? [highlight color=#008000 ]Only thing that might have changed is that we doubt our wishes[/highlight]; we want unbelievably beautiful or handsome soul mate, massive bank balance and happiness.[highlight color=#008000 ]But we doubt those wishes thinking they are impossible to become reality, thus they ultimately don’t.[/highlight] We feel like “That girl is way out of my league or she is too perfect for me” or “My luck has failed me every time”. 

You see, we become what we think; if you think that girl is out of your league then she absolutely is. A person is only defeated when he accepts the defeat. So, don’t give up on yourself ever!


[divider]Token of gratitude[/divider]


The movie ‘The Secret’ featured a guy who keeps a stone in his pocket called as the stone of gratitude. Every time he touches it, he thinks about the things he’s most grateful for. [highlight color=#008000 ]So, the movie indicates that the frequency of your gratitude is heard by the universe and it will provide more of what you are already grateful for.[/highlight]


So, if you love your parents, your possessions, your health, your wealth, your friends and beloved ones, then be thankful for it. The more thankful you are to them, the more place and time they will occupy in your life.


[divider]What we want and what we don’t want[/divider]


Like I mentioned above, the universe has a tendency of listening to your thoughts and judge their frequency. [highlight color=#008000 ]The more you want or don’t want something, the more you will face it eventually.[/highlight] We think in the morning before leaving to work or college that “I don’t want to get late”, “I don’t want my dress to be spoiled”, “I don’t want to get laughed at”, ” I don’t want to get bullied” or “I don’t want to get in trouble”. But no matter how much we despise these fears, they always find a way to trouble us because we attracted them by dreading them too much. [highlight color=#008000 ]So, next time concentrate on things that you ‘want’ and be focused, clear and confident about them.[/highlight] Those things will find a way into your life sooner or later.

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Reading the above points will make you feel excited and wonder “If I think about a Dodge Challenger or sleeping with my crush more often, it will happen”; but no it won’t. [highlight color=#008000 ]Universe has a way of differentiating between wishes and desperations.[/highlight] Desperation is compounded with fear, lust, disbelief and doubt. If your feelings are fabricated and impure, it won’t resonate the universe.

[highlight color=#008000 ]Also you gotta have patience, law of attraction works like a plant.[/highlight] All you gotta to do is plant your thoughtful seeds in the purest part of your mind and let it cause a ripple effect. Seeds take a lot of time to grow and lot of nurturing to uphold. The final results are always fruitful.


[alert type=red ]You might feel like that you have been preached reading this article. You might think that only feeling won’t make a difference and you might be right, this law of attraction about universe could be a farce. I don’t agree or disagree with this theory, I am just expressing what intrigued me. I and no one else has the absolute proof of its credibility, perhaps it could be an absolute rubbish. But feeling positive won’t bring you any harm, now would it? Our present has been forged by our feelings in the past and our future will be forged by our feelings in the present.[/alert]