We’ve all been blindfolded or deliberately been quite about all the restricted subjects in human society, some movies tried to reach out with their banned and decry subjects but were hardly accepted by the audience

Here’s a list of all the movies that broke conventions

1. Brokeback Mountain:
gawkingeeks bm

Story driven by love, fear and restraint. A tale of two cowboys finding love in each other and initiating a relationship which was too tabooed, forbidden and secretive to be named . This unnatural relationship leads the families of the two boys into distress , forcing them to abandon their love for the love of their families and children for while . That distance for so long somehow consumes them and leads into dark and miserable events . Never in cinema we witnessed homosexuality to such a believable screenplay, no wonder the director Ang Lee bagged the Oscar for best director, also the courage of the two brave and straight actors Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal who played all the lovemaking scenes in front of the camera and stood in front of the audience fearless with a straight face.

2. Nymphomaniac (part 1 and part 2):

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As the names suggest the story revolves around the sexual ecstasy, addiction and desperation  of a woman and the outcomes and scenarios sex brings into her life. It vividly described the most reticent topic ‘sex’ on a distinctive scale relating to partners, their body and various other acts .This movie was considered to be very close to porn. Lars Von Treir lived up to his reputation of making movies which are mostly disapproved , I must say it must have taken a tremendous courage to make a movie on such a delicate subject and the actors featured in it gained a career boost and recognition.


gawk oldboy

Game of thrones isn’t the only feature which represented incest in their story , Oldboy which came long before was solely based on incest. The base of the movie might sound a little creepy and awkward but as soon as you see it you might end up defending it’s intellect despite the prohibited and disapproved subject. It was both shocking and thrilling at the same time , basically a guilt enjoyment which the audience have to go through.

4.Love me Deadly:


Lindsay Finch, a beautiful blonde capable of having any man she desires , has a weird  obsession with the dead . She dresses up in black attire  to visit  funerals taking all the advantage and liberties  of having a shag with corpses when nobody is looking. A man  notices and recognizes Lindsay from all those  funerals she visited and realizes that they are twin necrophiliac souls.This movie exposed us with the subject, psychology and psychiatry of Necrophilia, which technically never happened in the history of cinema.

5.Cannibal Holocaust:

gawk cann

As the name suggests this movie was solely based on cannibalism. An anthropologist travels into the wilds of South America seeking what happened to a documentary film crew that vanished two months earlier while filming a movie about  cannibal rituals in the tribes of a rain forest. No doubt this movie was instantly disapproved and banned all together because it was too much for the audience to take.

6. The Silence of the lambs :

gawk sotl

It’s a story of a F.B.I cadet trying to investigate the search of a serial manipulative killer  on the lose who flays all of his female pray . Later it is found, he deliberately castrates himself and wears a suit made out of the skin he peeled out of his victims. As creepy this movie sounds the audience were in a state of both disgust and amaze. Later this brilliantly awkward movie bagged the academy award for best picture.

7. The Interview:

gawk interview

May be the makers of this movie weren’t actually aware of the fact that the jokes and humor used in the movie will offend some . The Interview is a childish and naive jig on the customs and norms of North Korea . The movie made a lot of jokes about the dictator of Korea, quite silly to be very precise but this innocent approach to entertain everyone eventually landed itself into seclusion from the theaters . The chains of Cinema abandoned this gag show because of multiple threats and cyber attacks , eventually the theaters and Sony dropped the theatrical screening.But it still made into audiences home and even went on to get an IMDB rating of 10/10 , the movie geeks around the world subjugated against this anarchy .

8.A Clockwork Orange :

gawk clockwork

Stanley Kubrick is known for making movies beyond it’s time , with very stylized graphical imagery and explicitness .His 1971 work of brilliance was rated X at that time , it’s dark theme was both objectionable for showcasing rapes and ultra-violence  and praised for it’s intellect. It was totally opposed by the religious groups, feminists especially with scenes  where a wife gets hers clothes ripped off by the attackers who hacked into her house and raped her and forced her husband to watch. Despite of it’s strong intellect the movies was too harsh for everyone to watch .

9.Bandit Queen:


gawk queen

The true epic story of famous female outlaw  who overcame rape, child marriage and false imprisonment and became a politician. Indian censor board  gave a red flag to this movie as it wasn’t fit for Indian Audience. Though this movie was highly appreciated in the Cannes Film Festival and also disregarded for showcasing rape and freedom to sell tickets. Due to the cruelty factor presented in this biopic indicated  powerful indictment of Indian society, caste discrimination, sexism , ritual misogyny and the helplessness of woman it was to brutal and harsh for most of the audience .

10.The Exorcist :

gawk exorcist

The horrifying presentation of satanic demonic possessions became one of the most shocking, frightening, disturbing, and exploitative films ever made. The first ever horror block buster also rumored to have experienced 9 deaths during production and the sets were eventually exorcised . It had very controversial content, of sensation, nauseating, and terrifying SFX  (360 degree rotated head, self-abuse /masturbation with a crucifix, the green puke  etc.) representations of evil very vividly , and for its severe  scenes of exorcism (followed  by irreverence and vulgarism ).

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