These days, everyone seems to be getting Tempered Glass screen protectors for their phones. Now the question is, what are these tempered glass screen protectors? Are they better than the conventional plastic ones? Are they necessary?

Read on to find out :-

What is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?
Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared to the normal glass. Tempering varies the stresses in the glass and makes it much tougher than the non-tempered glass. A tempered glass screen protector is a thin sheet of tempered glass (usually 0.2- 0.5 mm thick) which is stuck onto the screen to provide scratch resistance.

Glass is harder than plastic. Though plastic screen protectors offer a fair sacrificial protection, they get scratched easily. They often attract fingerprints and don’t feel as smooth as glass. But, a glass protector can cost you ten times more than a plastic protector. This often raises questions about their reliability. Though they are not “Bullet Proof” or “Explosion Proof” as advertised, they are pretty tough. These days, most of the phones come with Gorilla Glass which can get scratched by substances like sand and tough metal, and can also get cracked easily. Glass protectors can resist scratches from a wide range of objects like keys and coins. Moreover, in most of the cases, when the phone drops, the protector absorbs most of the impact and cracks, and it is much more comfortable to replace the protector than the screen itself.

Because of their thickness, they might cause issues with aesthetics and looks of the phone. They often bulge from the screen and cause uncomfortable depth to home buttons in devices like iPhones and Samsung phones. But sometimes, it adds a cool 2.5D glass-ish look to your device. They are much easier to install and trap a lot less air.

So, it is recommendable to get a tempered glass protector. Though they cost more than their plastic counterparts, they last much longer and are better in almost every aspect.

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