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Physicists say, Einstein’s Speed of Light could be wrong

Being science students, all our teenage lives have revolved around father of modern physics, Albert Einstein and his various groundbreaking works namely constant ‘c’ which we will know stands for speed of light and theory of relativity. This so called theory of relativity and formula E = mc2 changed the face of the earth and is still considered as most groundbreaking research in theoretical physics.

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Physicists all round the globe, have been trying to prove Albert Einstein wrong from a very long time, and finally after decades of struggle a pair of theoretical physicists might be able to achieve what many Physicists have been dreaming of all their lives.

Theory of relativity as stated by Albert Einstein in most simple words :

Spending an hour with beautiful woman is seems like a minute and sitting on a pan for a minute seems like an hour.

Theory of relativity is based on the very assumptions speed of light remains constant, and many physicists are considering it as a loophole in theory of relativity and formula for mass-energy equivalence, E = mc2 where mass is considered as variable and C was regarded as constant, speed of light.

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Teams of physicists from the Canada’s Perimeter Institute and Imperial College London have challenged the fact that speed of light is always constant which would debunk the theory of relativity. They have presented their argument saying that speed of light also changes and it is quite possible that it was faster just after the Big Bang and reached from Centre of the universe to its edge in a time less than what we theoretically calculate.

As the time proceeded and universe started settling down and expansion rate reached to a point as we know it today, density of the universe became even throughout and speed of  light also starts settling down attaining to its present value.

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But at end of the day, it is still a theory and if it could be proven it would result into modification in current theory of relativity or a brand new theory of relativity.