We all have been waiting for almost 2 years and will have to keep on waiting for another, but all that wait won’t be for nothing. The first glimpse of Batman vs Superman :Dawn of Justice showcased in the Comic Con made every comic/movie fan want to have a peek, but sadly the teaser wasn’t publicly released, it was only for the privilege of the Comic Con. Here’s a potential synopsis of what’s possibly going to happen in Dawn Of Justice to get you all geared up and get into the mood for the forth coming attraction.


We’ve all been thinking what possibly might have happened between these two caped crusaders that caused the vengeful bad blood between them, they both are the good guys aren’t they? Well, the possible answer was in Man Of Steel movie itself. Superman feels guilty about what happened to Metropolis because of him. General Zod’s desperation for the codex lead him to the destruction of Earth starting with the city, Metropolis.


It is rumored that Superman instigates all the antagonism with Batman. Because of the guilt he had for Metropolis partial destruction and his failure to save the city, he visits Gotham himself in a pursuit for Batman. He’s trying to prove his worth and trust to the politicians and the government by bringing in The Dark Knight, which is a task given to him by the president. Supposedly, another character Lex Luthor might be having a role to play in manipulating Superman, convincing him that Batman is a menace to the society and he must be brought down, hence initiating his hunt.


So it’s not the Batman who starts all this fuss, it’s the Superman who begins the confrontation by shattering the Batmobile with a single punch. Most part of the mentioned plot belongs to The Dark Knight Returns comics, read the comics and the animated movies in order to predict and anticipate what is about to play out in the movie.


Another question arises is that how will the Batman stand against the Superman? Though he has a particular set of skills and resources and what not but still he’s isn’t mightier than the Superman. So in order to face him, Batman might build a strong suit or use Kryptonite or whatever. The movie is gonna be a hell of a ride.

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