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How to promote app on Play Store and App Store to earn money?

Monetize your newly developed app

Publishing your app is like getting into a war but in the online space, one needs to beat the competitors in every tiny battle to triumph in a significant contest. These small battles let you rank your app on the top in the App Store and Play Store.

Earning money and generating leads through mobile applications is now simpler if you consider these vanilla tricks on how to promote app on play store

App Icon

The first impression may not be the last one but is certainly the most significant one. Your icon should look professional and crisp in terms of graphics and design so that it exhibits the aura of excellence and exceptional features of your app.

App icon

Landing Page

We understand you are trying to earn money, but never throw ads on your landing page as it distracts the audience from your real content. Try using advertisements internally after you find some user engagement, additionally; your landing page needs to be appealing in versatile ways.

Landing page

Search Engine Optimisation

You may ask why to spend time on Search Engine Optimisation when the app is published on App Store and Play Store, but it is found that users search for the apps on search engines even before going to these stores. If you end up neglecting SEO you are creating an opportunity for your competitors.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to promote your app. Asking for mentions on the pages similar to your application would help you increase the downloads even without running those ads. These pages charge comparatively less than other mediums and have enormous organic audience specific to your app.

Socila Media Marketing

Guest Posts

Getting a mention on a reputed website will exponentially boost your rankings. Try delivering a review of your app or ask the website owner to do so. These posts increase your visibility and the authenticity of your application.

Guest post



Small and large descriptions help you in generating traffic and that too the relevant one. Keyword research is done and then used to rank your app higher in the search results. Keyword density also plays a critical part to rank your app, try maintaining 3 to 5 % of keyword density for best results in your descriptions.


Demo Videos

Engaging a user by demo videos is an old practice but still works wonders, a high definition simulation of your application explaining your objectives, USPs and applications help the user understand your services and offers hits if you publish the same on social media platforms.

Demo Video

Bottom Line

These are the basics one should keep in mind while starting as every app is diverse so it needs a different strategy. Now you have learnt how to promote app on play store, it will take some sweet time to implement in real-life scenarios.