Mysteriousness of black holes has always thrilled astrophysicists. Black holes are massive objects in space that have a gravitational pull so strong that even light cannot escape.

There is always an ongoing debate on what actually happens inside a black hole. At KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking explained his latest idea about what happens to any kind of quantum-mechanical information if it falls inside a black hole.

Black hole information paradox is a dispute between Einstein’s General theory of Relativity and Quantum mechanics. According to relativity, the information that once falls inside a black hole is gone forever and can never be restored but according to the laws of Quantum mechanics, any kind of information can never be destroyed and is retrievable.


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According to Stephen Hawking, Quantum mechanics win this battle because whatever falls inside a black hole can be retrieved as it never actually makes it inside. The information in a black hole is never stored in its interior as one might expect but on its spherical boundary called the event horizon. Event horizon is a boundary in space-time beyond which the gravitational pull becomes so strong that the escape is impossible. It is a point of no return.


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If the information is not destroyed, where does it go? Is it retrievable?


There is a possibility that information that seems to be lost in a black hole can be retrieved in alternate universes. The hole would need to be large enough and if it is rotating, it might have a passage to another universe. This means that there is a way out of black holes. The matter that a black hole attracts gushes out of a white hole in an alternate universe.


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