Taj Mahal : A French movie on Mumbai Terror attacks

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ell, that’s what foreign film makers do, don’t they? Come to India, make a movie about subjects that hurt. It worked for Slumdog Millionaire and it seems to be working fine for this movie too; it is prospering the Venice Film Festival. Taj Mahal is an upcoming thriller that narrates the story of a real victim of the Mumbai terror attacks that occurred in Hotel Taj.

The movie is directed by French writer and director Nicolas Saada. [highlight ]The movie focuses on how an 18 year old girl named Louise, self-trapped inside a room in Hotel Taj, whilst the torments of severe terrorist attacks were in motion.[/highlight] It’s the story of her experience and struggle to fight against all the odds to survive.



Now by the looks of it, I can’t be sure if the movie will bring justice to the gravity of the tragic event. But one thing that I am most certain about is that this movie would be way better than the dreadful movie Attacks of 26/11 directed by freshly gone dreadful director Ram Gopal Varma. Not to mention Phantom, another horrible movie based on the cheap and lousy vengeance of the event.

The main lead in the movie is played by Stacy Martin, the one who played young Joe in Nymphomaniac Duology.




[highlight ]She’s the one playing Louise, a character who moves to Mumbai with her English mother (Gina McKee) and a French father (Louis-Do de Lencquesaing) for his new job.[/highlight] They stay at Hotel Taj temporarily, whilst trying to adjust and compromise the inconveniences of settling in and getting adapted to the city’s customs and lifestyle. While parents were out for dinner, Louise along with thousands of other victims gets tangled in the significant attack. [highlight ]The movie doesn’t stage the explosions and gunshots, rather her non-heroic, but a scared little child experience of the whole massacre.[/highlight]

With a run time of 90 minutes, the global audience might be astonished by it, but the Indian audience will need a lot of convincing for this one; because that massacre has a lot of potential for a gruesome, thrilling and tragic on-screen portrayal. I wish this movie turns out on a satisfactory tone at least.