These teen movies show what it means to become an adult

The first love, the first responsibility, the desire to be great, to establish ourselves and  grow in spirit. Many teen films have been revolving around this quote for 14 to 18 years, we have collected 4 most popular .


We were all young, wild and free, then got caught up between the world of adolescence and adulthood; one of the most fragile and complex moments of life. These films for teenagers, not necessarily love films  or romantic movies , talk about the so-called coming of age, “training stories” where young protagonists struggle to conquer every centimeter of this land.  Boyhood a couple of years ago was one of the raw and evident movies based on these kind of stories, here are 4 examples of  similar movies.


[button color=”white” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]The Perks of Being a Wallflower [/button]


Written and directed by Stephen Chbosky, author of the novel  The Perks of Being a Wallflower, recounts the friendship between Charlie (Logan Lerman), an introverted teenager with a passion for literature, step siblings Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller). Perfectly balanced between pain and irony, traumas and triumphs, adolescence and adulthood  it is a film that deals with the issue of marginalization in school in a unique way. The inevitable and talented trio Miller-Lerman-Watson, are teenagers struggling to accept their own imperfections. There is also the beautiful soundtrack Heroes of David Bowie . It is most certainly the best film of the book.



[button color=”white” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]The Kings of Summer[/button]


Three sixteen year old decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods, to have permanent place to live in . An extreme act of independence that arises, once again, in the desire to get away from their parents. Original and a bit absurd, it is a comic indie  film , perfectly telling the genuine irresponsibility of teenagers . One more reason to view it is that some critics called it a mix between Stand by me and Superbad.



[button color=”white” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]The Virgin Suicides[/button]


After the suicide of Cecilia, the youngest of five beautiful and charming sisters, parents decide to deny them any contact with the outside world. Set in 1974 in  Detroit , this movie recounts the difficulties these young sisters have to face in order to free themselves from the shackles of an extremely rigid society. The debut of Sofia Coppola (already the author of unusual sentimental films  like  Lost in Translation ), is narrated from the point of view of the neighborhood boys, who try in every way to get in touch with the girls. The epilogue is not the most rosy, but the film is very interesting for how to combine the dream and suspended atmospheres of  Coppola with a theme so dramatic and delicate.



[button color=”white” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Almost Famous[/button]


Leave home, get experience, grow. The movie  is based on the experience of the personnel director Cameron Crowe ( Jerry Mcguire, Vanilla Sky ), who as a kid turned his sails to America as a reporter for Rolling Stones, in the company of bands like Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd . This movie is  portrait of the passionate and nostalgic music scene of the 70’s , through the eyes of a young man  that took the decisive journey towards adulthood: losing his virginity, getting accepted by their idols, and getting a job. Kate Hudson in the shoes of Penny Lane, steals the show. Oscar winner in the best original screenplay  category in 2001. Calling it a simple adolescent film would be nothing short of an understatement.