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Top 5 Android Games for Men

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Men also deserve to play games that suits them. Period.


Men are the only breed of Human Being that is most ignored by game developers. They develop either for kids, teens, girls, fools, velle people and even for grandparents. But when it comes to men, we only have a handful of them that qualifies to be in men’s quarter.

So here Gawking Geeks has sorted out the best of the best men games our there. We wont be describing them here because they are for men and men find out things on there own.


1 : Open Bar


Download it here.


2 : Soda Dungeon



Download it here.


3 : Alto’s Adventure



Download it here.


Yes, this is the game Underwood and Conway played in that room in House of Cards season 4.



Download it here.


5 : Stack


 Stack- screenshot


This is the gameplay if the screenshot doesn’t satisfy you.


Download it here.

So this was out-take on the best games for men out there. Enjoy your life men, you deserve it.

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