Searching for Top 5 Android games you should play? With all the mainstream and the constant suggestions on the PlayStore, it might get monotonous for some android users who love gaming to get the same old suggestions again and again. While not that bad, we all know that the games listed in the ‘top free’  and ‘top paid’  and other categories have been almost the same for ages. Here is a list of some genuinely good games that are easy to hop in and out of :

1. Plague Inc.


(In-game Screenshot)LOL !

Plague Inc. is a real time strategy game in which you take control of a virus(or a bacteria or a fungus or some other microbe) that infects a single person(patient zero) and it’s upto you to spread your disease throughout the world and cause total annihilation. The game is very fun and it might take you a while to complete this game.

2. Game DEV story

Game dev story is a game about developing games.  How cool is that? In this game you are the head of your own gaming company that must publish games(even consoles, given that you’re successful) and reach the pinnacle of game development. It is a great game for skipping those boringly long college lectures. With great replaybiltiy, you can have numerous playthroughs and the game won’t get repetitive. One simply cannot get bored of this game and I, personally cannot recommend it enough.

3. Pixel Dungeon [FREE]
Pixel Dungeon is a rogue-like RPG  game where you play a character who travels through a ‘pixel-dungeon’, slaying bosses and fighting enemies to reach the end of the dungeon to ultimately get out. The plot may seem tiresome to some but the game is surprisingly addictive and makes for a great toilet break.


4. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a very unique game that plays beautifully on a wide-screen or a phablet if you may.
The game is addictively-irritating and it will take you a multiple tries to just to cross 60 seconds.
With an equally addictive music track this game is a steal and will have you hooked for hours.


5. Osmos HD

Osmos HD is a lovely combination of physics, survival and classic eat em’ up as the game promo suggests. In this game you’re a simple bobble that aspires to to become the biggest in it’s own world. Beautiful graphics and a surprisingly calming music track this is definitely a must have game on your android device.

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