Whatsapp ‘Delete for Everyone’ – Does it really work?

Many ‘afraid to be embarrassed’ users felt a sigh of relief when WhatsApp rolled out “Delete for everyone” feature for WhatsApp groups. But do those messages really get deleted? Lets find out.

A new report affirms that those supposedly deleted messages are very much present on the device and are easily accessible, even after using the delete for everyone feature.

Android Jefe, an android blog has claimed that the messages still remain in the notification log of the device. All it takes is to access the record of the message the user was trying to delete.

How to read those deleted messages

– The blog goes on to affirm that a third party android app named Notification History (available on playstore) can be used to access the messages sent to us.
-The users will simply have to search the message in notification log (easier if you use third party launchers such as Nova)
– The log won’t require any other app to access all you have to do is long press home, tap on Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log. Notification log will be accessible then. This method has been tried and tested by many users and it seems to be working.

However, there are some limitation, which are
– It seems that only those messages whose Notification has been generated or have been seen or responded in some way can be retrieved. Response such as swiping away the Notification of a group message, that way you’ve seen a part of the message when you swipe away. So if you have disabled Notification of WhatsApp, you may not be able to retrieve the messages

– The log will be cleared once the device is restarted.

-Also the first 100 characters of the messages will be visible.

-This method is a privilege for Android 7 and above users only

– Only text messages can be retrieved no multimedia messages.

[alert type=blue ]For a time WhatsApp may have redeemed themselves from all the criticism they received for the infamous Blue Ticks by introducing this feature. But all that redemption lay waste now.[/alert]