In my previous article “Grandfather’s Paradox – A Dilemma in Time Travel” we talked about the problem of paradoxes in time travel. But at the end we were pretty much convinced that time travel is possible. Now we come to our main question “How can we travel time?”.

There are many theories which provide us our path in time travelling like “The Theory of Relativity” by Albert Einstein, Quantum mechanics, or theory of Parallel Universes. But these theoretical concepts are not yet enough for their practical implementations. I’ll talk about some of the possible ways that Professor Stephen Hawking discussed in the popular documentary “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking”.



Worm Holes

Worm holes are theoretical tunnels through the space time as interpreted in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”. Wormholes allow rapid travel between widespread points in space and time. It could be from one galaxy to another or from one time frame to the other.



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The fascinating fact is that wormholes are present all around us but they are too small to be observable. They are present in cracks or voids in space and time. This is not an easy concept to grab.
No object in this world is perfectly flat; if we look close enough we will find tiny voids or wrinkles in everything. It’s a basic law of nature. This thing can be easily explained for the first three dimensions but the same concept can be applied to the fourth dimension as well, which is time. There are tiny cracks and voids present in time. Down at the smallest of scales, even smaller than atoms we get to a place called Quantum Foam. This is the place where worm holes, the tiny tunnels in time through space and time exist. They actually connect two different places and two different times but unfortunately, they are billion trillion times smaller than a centimetre; which is a bit too small for a human to pass through it. Some day it may be possible to capture one and enlarge it and make it big enough to allow a human or a spaceship to pass through it or would be remarkable if we could generate one.



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One could be placed near the earth and other far away near some distant planet. Those large distances could be covered in a way lesser time than it takes today. Theoretically, a wormhole can do even more. If both the ends of the wormhole are placed at the same place and are separated by time instead of distance, the space ship can enter and come out near the earth but in past or future, even the dinosaurs can witness the spaceship landing.


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