YouTube is experimenting on a tweak to its video interface, marking conceivably the first major change in a decade. The new transparent player is an exquisite upgrade to YouTube. The upgrade looks astounding due to its transparent, almost glassy effect. Though the new player hasn’t brought any stunning new features (yet) but it does have something simple to offer. The player disappears itself when the video starts playing and only reappears when you hover over the video.




Google is still testing the tech and as always, it has authorized the new player to some users, but you can already see it and try it out.


For Firefox Users:

Step 1. Open YouTube and start playing a Video.

Step 2. Press Shift + F2 on your Keyboard to call up the Developer Console.

Step 3. Paste the following code in the blue box that pops up:


Step 4. Press Enter and Reload YouTube.  Eso!

Please note that you may require to switch to the US English interface on the site for it.

Screenshot (16)

For Chrome Users:

Step 1. Install the following Chrome extension: EditThisCookie.

Step 2. Open YouTube and start playing a Video.

Step 3. Click on the newly installed extension and modify the cookie:


by replacing its value with:


Step 4. Reload YouTube and Eso!


To reverse march and return to YouTube’s trusted opaque control bar,  simply delete the applied cookie.

In Chrome, tap on F12 while on YouTube. Select Resources > Cookies >, right-click on VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and select delete from the context menu.

In Firefox, use Shift-F2 while on YouTube to open the Developer Toolbar again. Type the cookie list and select remove next to VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE to delete it

It’s a small change, but a crucial one for the video hulk. Head over and have a look at Youtube’s new Transparent Design.

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