8 Advantages of Sleeping Less

[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ince our childhood , we have heard people saying “it’s 10’o clock, go to your bed”, it may be coming from our mom, or some other elderly person. But as we grow up, our habits undergo transition and one of these is, taking an adequate sleep and going to bed on time. [highlight color=#ee7621 ]Modification in habits isn’t bad all the time[/highlight], it can be quite good in some cases, one of them is to sleep less.

Few of its advantages are mentioned below :

1 : Clubbing

People who tend to sleep can go to clubbing, and can enjoy themselves as much as they want.


Credits : Tumblr
Credits : Tumblr

2 : More Concentration

During night time we don’t hear any kind of noise, that may be of traffic, our family or any other kind.                             => less noise = more concentration


Credits : Tumblr
Credits : Tumblr

3 : Earn more Bucks during Night Shift

Not everyone can stay awake for the whole night, but the people who do, can easily accomplish strenuous tasks of night shifts and we all know everyone gets paid more bucks for working at night.

=>  less sleeping = night shifts                                                                                                                                                               =>  night shifts = more bucks


more bucksgawkingeeks

4 : Nightouts

Nightout is the word that causes a stir among people, and if you are habituated to sleep less, nightout is sort of fun rather than considering it a trouble when your friends ask you for it.


Credits : Tumblr
Credits : Tumblr

5 : No Disturbance

There are not many people who stay awake during night. Therefore, less people are there to disturb you. As disturbance is less, you can do your work efficiently.


Credits : Tumblr
Credits : Tumblr

6 : Talk to your Friends for Longer Time

During night you can talk to your near and dear ones for a longer time, and this strengthen your bonds with whom you want to.


talking on phonegawkingeeks

7 : Have Ample of Time to do Work

Number of hours in a day are fix i.e. 24 hours, so people who sleep less have more time to get their pending work done.


ample of timegawkingeeks

8 : Can Prepare Better for Exams

Whatever we study during the exam night, the chances to get things out of mind is almost nil. You will not be lethargic during examination hours.


Credits : Tumblr
Credits : Tumblr


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