Teenagers’ Freedom of Gaming is being Snatched but Why ? you might have heard about the organisations that protect human rights, women rights and various other kinds of rights. In the near future, world might witness formation of an organisation that protects gaming rights of children and its outset might be observed from United Kingdom.

You might have heard that school formed some new regulation stating it as beneficial for the students, but what happened in United Kingdom was one of the most absurd thing you might have heard, schools have instructed parents to not allow their kids play 18+ video games and if they fail to do so, then school will not sit back and watch, they would even call police to deal with the matter.


Credits : Forbes.com

Credits : Forbes.com

Again the issue of violence and video games has heated up, and in Cheshire, 16 schools have ganged up for refraining students from playing such kinds of games that associate very high level of violence such as “Grand Theft Auto”, “Counter Strike”, etc. They have addressed all the guardians informing that if their kid is found playing the video games prescribed for above 18 or for adults, they might have to face legitimate proceedings assuring that people should not take their warning delicately. There is a reason why it is printed above 18 on video games, it’s not there for overlooking and handing them over to the kids.

We have witnessed so many instances when teenagers get their hands on guns and go out in open and consider themselves as gaming characters and others as targets, which sometimes results in a massacre. But on basis of a few incidents, one can’t put everyone under the same class and expect their response to be same, as of those maniacs.

Now-a-days, it seems the school administration is undergoing the greatest transition ever history has witnessed that they are calling cops for notorious students because school is not a place for cops and teachers should be the one telling difference between what’s right and wrong.


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