Is your team doing right thing at the right time ?

Getting best results out of any potential project is just the matter of execution i.e. doing right things at right time. There is not much difference between a 1,500 meter run and a project. An analogy can be drawn between them such as in early stage they spend energy just required to stay in the first pack and going at full pace in the final sprint with everyone trying to get pass one at the front. Same goes the life-cycle of any project which involves implementing appropriate mechanism at the right pace at the appropriate time.

1 : Bug-free-idea

When a team sits down to cook any idea, they sometimes circumvent much needed warm-up period in which all the impractical ideas are trashed. Trying to do the things in haste generally takes the team to the point where they can undo things anymore.

2 : Technique

In case of 1500 meter run we should adopt a technique that suits the runner best, and same is the case with project, one should know where to employ its resources for best results, and prepare a road map which involves negating all the hurdles that might come in the way.

3 : The Last Lap

It is point where the winners are differentiated from the rest, let it be 1500 meter run or any sort of project.