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4 Must-have Apps to help you through a natural disaster

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The annihilation and mayhem caused in Nepal by the recent earthquake has been an eye opener for a lot of us. Unforeseen perils like these jeopardize a number of worthy lives. No doubt the latest catastrophe in Nepal has resulted in lots of casualties. Anyone can fall prey to such hazards, so it is significant that we have some lifesaving apps on our devices.


Hike your chances of survival with these disaster apps that help you prepare and survive in the unfavorable conditions –


1. Disaster Alert


Disaster Alert is a mobile multi-hazard monitoring application. This app provides users with both listings and an interactive real-time map, which will keep you alarmed to all types of natural disasters as well as man-made crises while you’re on the go. It makes convoluted technical and scientific information very easy to understand.




2. Social Alert


This app sends out a message to your friends and relatives in case of an emergency, crime or disaster. Fusing with social networks most of us usually use such as text messages, Facebook, Twitter and an emergency contact list, you can send out a custom emergency message with your precise location, helping the authorities to diagnose exactly where you are.


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3. First Aid


Disasters or emergencies often mean that someone is hurt. Red Cross‘ First Aid app is a perfect tool to have at that time. It includes safety tips for every little thing from earthquakes to simple allergies, as well as the copacetic directions for heart attacks, cuts, burns and more. The whole content is pre-loaded, which means you don’t need an internet connection to access the app. The app is also integrated with 911, so you’re merely one button aside from getting help.


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This is the official app of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It encloses prepared information for all types of disasters including emergency kit checklists, maps to assist and minutiae on how to stay safe. This app also ensures that you find local relief centers to access vital services, shelter, and many more.




These are just some of the many apps that can be useful in case of disasters. Install them and be ready for whatever disaster that you may encounter.