Google might not be the dominant player in the wearable sector for now being but it seems that stats are not going to be the same anymore after the announcement of its partnership with Intel and Tag Heuer for its upcoming SmartwatchGoogle X (a division of Google that is devoted to innovate major technological advancements) is currently developing a watch that will be able to cure cancer.

Google’s Wristband is going to be one of the major breakthroughs in medical field. Google has won the patent titled as Nanoparticle Phoresis that states a wearable which will be able to cure cancer either by modifying or eradicating the target cells that can have negative health effect and in the near future might unfold into a potential weapon to fight against one of the most atrocious devil of all times, Cancer.



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What Google is aiming to do with its wearable is to detect cancer and many other deadly diseases such as heart attacks and strokes before you even face the chill wind of the disorders. The bottom line in curing the cancer is diagnosis at an early stage and sometimes when cancer reaches its decisive stage by degrees, the price one has to pay is very lofty which could be nothing less than life in a few cases.

The technology on which Google is putting the bet is nanotechnologynanoparticles will enter bloodstream via pills. Then they will circulate in the body and paint the infected cell. Nanoparticles are magnetic in nature so they will be drawn by the watch which will create a magnetic field and finally after detection and calculations, we will be able to make predictions regarding health of that particular individual.


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Development of watch is still in its initial phase and Google has not made any official statement regarding this watch. But it will be interesting to see whether this project of Google X will bear fruit or it will blow up in their face.

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