Censor Board is the reason why Indie movies in India are silently facing and excruciating death. The board has clearly indicated its intentions that it absolutely has no love for cinema; it rather believes in building a bubble of lies and farce around the country making everyone believe that world is free from sex, rapes, abuse, violence and religious conflicts. It believes in making family movies and keeping the integrity of Indian Cinema safe by avoiding anything they believe to be cheap or displeasing, whatsoever. CBFC should change to CBFH which stands Central Board of Freaking Hypocrites.



I and the film making fraternity have absolutely no idea what the board will do if a movie comes for certification. Every time a creative film maker tries to send a message or raise his voice against a crucial subject, the censor board pulls him down to his level and the maker is forced to compromise with his idea and intellect so that he can make a movie fit for everyone rather than what he’s trying to convey. Look out for the movie named Unfreedom, which had a subject of homosexuality and sexual abuse. It was ultimately banned in India under the muscle of Censor Board.


Not just that Censor Board’s audacity is conveyed in its track record, here are some reasons to protest against Censor Board listed below :-



1. The No Smoking Hassle


I read an article before the release of Anurag Kashyap‘s feature film Ugly in India. The film was ready to be released an year before it actually did, reason being the movie had to show a disclaimer every time a character smoked, to which Anurag objectified and filed a case against the Censor Board, because he believed that these disclaimers are a massive distraction and will distract the audience in very important key scenes of the movie and steal away all the charm about them. Unfortunately, he lost the case and gave up and eventually the movie released with disclaimers and it turned out that Anurag was right.



What the world has come to? Is Indian audience that naive and pure at heart that it will follow those disclaimers and quit smoking? I mean the short movies before feature films are fine but during the movie, it is absolute nuisance. Not just smoking but also drinking; the blurring of alcoholic bottles is also nothing but a farce. People used to smoke or drink in India before they even knew if movies existed. I mean what could they want next?


Put a ‘Use a condom’ disclaimer in every romantic and love making scene?


“Flying or jumping from building could kill you” disclaimer in Superhero movies?


How would you like it if “Speed Kills” would pop up in every scene of Fast and Furious?


I only want to say that watching a movie should be without a distraction, that’s why we go to theaters to fully engulf ourselves in movies, and these ridiculous disclaimers are killing it!


2. Use of offensive language


gawk foul


Yes, another curse the movies are facing nowadays is the use of F-bombs or any such abusive language which is a strict no. It is fine for the audience below 18 but now, it is even restricted from the adult movies. I’d say this rule is the most offensive thing happened to movies. What do they want us to watch? Ramayana perhaps. It’s not that I’m a big supporter of cursing in the movies, but does it really matter if mature audience would hear some displeasing words? Why is it okay to kill someone in a movie but profanity has be left behind?



Now I can’t watch any Tarantino or Scorsese or a Kashyap movie without rapid beeping and muting and not just that, the beeping will continue in Home Videos too. This new rule absolutely doesn’t make any sense to me or to anyone else for that matter. As for the curses defense, foul words express anger and dismay in the most expressive and appropriate manner. Without them, violence would look like love making.


3. No love making scenes


Love making is the most real and intense activity, technically it created the civilization but our dearest Censor Board wants to put it under wraps. I get it, sex scenes could be a little uncomfortable for some audiences, then they shouldn’t watch those movies for their sake rather than abandoning intimacy on screen. What’s romance without intimacy? Love and Lust have to co-exist, otherwise it will cease its meaning. Even an on-screen kiss could create uproar in the minds of those hypocrite and orthodox board members.


4. No outrage or argument about religion or caste


A few days back, I was watching Black Friday on a TV channel. For some reason, I thought how could a movie like Black Friday make it to the TV, but when I watched the whole movie on the channel I found out why. The movie was deprived from the scenes about any religious expression. For those who have seen the uncut version must be aware of the segment in the movie titled “what’s past is prologue”. That segment actually indicated why Mumbai blast actually occurred, but that whole scene was completely cut-off and made me wonder what sense would have this movie made to the viewers watching it for the first time?

The problem is that the board is aware of the tendency of Indian audience of getting offended by absolutely any of all comments about religion or anything else. So they ban to avoid any hullabaloo, so this time Censor Board maybe was bound to do such things and the citizens of India are to blame.


This is the most imploring appeal from Gawking Geeks. If you don’t like, disagree, or get offended by any flick, please don’t watch it because some of us really want to watch them and would hate it if that flick is deprived of its expressions or is banned altogether.
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