Men always have been obligated to felonies, ridicule and indecency. In a time where it’s very OK for people to say “all men are dogs” and yet expect them to be the provider. Ever since the tragic Delhi rape case has occurred, men have become the abandoned gender in the eyes of justice. This bold and impossible statement coming from me might offend all the ladies and probably the gentlemen too and that is absolutely fine until I state my case. The ratio of men issues against women hasn’t been derived just yet, but just to let you know,  men are also victims; they are just very good at hiding those assaults to protect their “Be a Man” notion.

Most likely,  women can also go hell bend on torturing their husbands if they aren’t satisfied; they accuse them and their whole family with dowry, acquire children custody, marry and divorce men to get a hell lot of money and property, accuse men for sexual assault. It was registered recently that of all the felonies of dowry, sexual assaults complaints, 53% of them were fake. We know that women are victims but by this, we are not giving women a shield to protect and defend themselves, but a weapon to destroy anyone who comes in their way. All of this chaos is a result of men trying to be men.


Not just by women, men are also assaulted by their own kind too. Let’s discuss.


  • Men don’t cry.

All those traditional and ridiculous beliefs have entitled men to be non criers. They have to be “still going strong” without a weep. The greatest fear of man is crying in front of others, men are petrified of crying. Try to imagine that world of freedom where it is not free to cry and it’s a sign of weakness. If a man cries, he is week.

See? Even Superman cries.


gawk superman


  • Men should definitely like Sports.

Yes the football and cricket facade that a lot of men face, some men don’t like sports. It’s absolutely normal, it doesn’t subjects their manhood. Men like poetry, literature, art, music, and movies too. For all the reasons and possibilities that I know of liking or disliking, sports doesn’t make you a man or any lesser than a man.


  • Men only like Action Movies.


gawk action


Who said that anyway? How possibly could movies judge you on a gender scale? Every movie is for everyone; romantic, comedy, romantic comedy, thriller horror. Anything! Those who judge you, are just scared shit less and are trying to prove their manhood in the cheapest and sleaziest way possible.


  • Homosexuals are not men!

Yes another disgraceful belief. This belief isn’t letting the homosexual men to love whoever they want to. They are treated and believed to be the same as the trans-sexual, calling homosexuality a mental and hormonal disorder. By the laws of god and men, any human having a penis is a man, Period!


  • Men always want sex!


gawk klaus


OK, ladies you must have seen some horny men around you and it is absolutely fine to think of them as the sexually frustrated kind, but spare the other men. Men want career, success money, food, love, car, and care too.


  • If a man slaps a women he’s abusing, if he gets slapped from a women he must be abusing.


gawk slap


Women are always right and we agree, but they can be wrong too. Like I mentioned above, women have upper hand in law, there is a women safety cell, children safety cell but having a men safety cell is an oblivious thought because men are strong, they can handle themselves. A man committed suicide after repeated suffering from fake dowry case his wife levied against him and got separated from his child, just because he filed for a divorce after finding out that his wife was having an extra affair.


  • Men should carry the family business.


What if he doesn’t want to? What if he has different plan and course, and why him? Why aren’t the daughters eligible for business inheritance?


For all the points I stated above, I don’t have any intention of demeaning women in any way, according to us you are still the most beautiful creation on the planet but please love the men back too. Most of them could be dog but the rest could be real men too.
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