4G vs LTE vs VoLTE

Cellular technology have come a long way, its evolution from 1G to 4G have been quite an astounding journey. It was in the 80s when 1G(first generation) first arrived in world, then roughly after every decade next generation was introduced such as in 90s 2G came, 21st century marked the advent of 3G  and so 4G came in the year 2010, and following the succession, 5G data plans will available all round the world by the year 2020.


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4G was Fourth Generation cellular network whose standards were set by ITU-R in year 2008 which were quite unrealistic at that time. To get a label of 4G network following conditions must be met :

  • Connection speeds should atleast have a minimum speed of 100 megabits for tablets and smartphones.
  • Immobile uses like hotspots should also have at least 1 gigabits per second.
  • Considering speed, it was 3 times faster than 3G.


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Long Term Evolution also popularly known as LTE isn’t much of a technology to brag about, it acts as passage to attain the speeds of Fourth Generation(4G) cellular network. So when you see 4G LTE at upper right of your smartphone it is not really anything different than 4G but it was considered as advertising technique making the consumers believe that they have devised next-gen technology and they were quite successful in doing so.

Taking 4G speeds to next level some tech manufacturers have even developed LTE-A (LTE – Advanced) offering better speeds than its predecessor and can be considered just a step to ideal 4G network.


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Voice over LTE places a call over our 4G connection rather than using common voice calling networks. Using cellular network is better than ordinary calls :

  • It improves quality of audio calls as VoLTE uses more bandwidth to make calling experience better.
  • VoLTE connects calls faster if you are trying to call someone not very far.

VoLTE is introduced in India by Relaince Jio and its calling experience isn’t something to brag about but it is still in its testing phase, so we can surely say that in future VoLTE is only going to get better as it is performing very well in western countries.