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Asteroid that killed Dinosaurs Made Mountains Higher than Mt. Everest in an Instant

Scientists have reconstructed the effect that the Asteroid created when it hit the Earth and eliminated the dinosaurs. They have been drilled through the Chicxulub Crater, which is buried under the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.

The impact that asteroid left was beyond our imagination and scientists have drilled the latest core samples of the meteor rock, based on which they have developed a dynamic collapse model and studied the extent of destruction that asteroid did, and it was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Instant Himalayas were created when the asteroid hit the surface of Earth and mountain peaks even higher than Mt. Everest came into being, but everything was again into disintegrated back into pieces.

The latest studies reveal that Earth’s surface swayed back and forth as water in a glass will sway if some solid particle is dropped into the glass. Skies went black due to debris that was tossed into the atmosphere, and what makes this more interesting is that all these events happened in just a span of few minutes.

Mexican Sinkholes formed on the top of Crater

The story didn’t end in few minutes, after-effects were even more disastrous, temperature of whole globe went down to extreme levels and conditions remained like that for months or maybe stayed like for years. Survival in that ecosystem was very demanding, ones who evolved with conditions survived and ones who didn’t, extincted from the face of the planet like we are all aware species of dinosaurs couldn’t survive the catastrophic event and along with dinosaurs many other species vanished once and for all.

That was the impact that an asteroid of 15 km diameter can make aside from creating a crater 30 km deep and 100 km across.


Scientists said that before even designing model, they could sense something strange when they took that pink granite core in their own hands.

Remains of the asteroid obtained from the site

Source : BBC