Mission Apollo marked the beginning of race to the space, that was the era when people couldn’t even believe the idea of someone travelling to the space, those were the time when NASA started their Apollo Moon missions which inspired other countries to go and explore the possibilities beyond the horizons.

It was the golden year of 1968 when years of hard work of so many people finally paid off and NASA was able to launch the first manned mission into lower orbit of the Earth, Apollo 7. Astronauts who were involved in NASA’s Apollo space program were the first Homo-Sapiens to experience few things which were really out of the world, such as walking on the surface of the moon, unfathomable sights & sounds, flying spacecraft, conducting experiments in a environment where no one has done before.




All the pictures at that time were captured by highly scientific Hasselblad camera that used technology which was way beyond its time.

In many snaps, Neil Armstrong and others can be seen walking on surface of the moon. It was the Apollo 11 mission when humans first time stepped on the surface where gravity was almost six times less than the gravity on our terrain.

Last Friday, a space archivist Kipp Teague, who runs the Apollo archive posted a mammoth collection of 8,400 High-Res images taken during so called first manned mission, Apollo 7 to the last Apollo mission, Apollo 11.

Collection includes some of the landmark photos such as Apollo 11 bootprint, Blue Marble and many others, which depicts overall space expedition of NASA. Collection of thousands of organised images can be viewed on Project Apollo archive on Flickr.


Out of the trove of Thousand photos, few best ones are displayed above.












All the images are exceptional and you don’t get to see such kind of collection everyday. It’s once in a lifetime when such High-Res images in such a large quantity are posted online and are accessible to everyone.

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