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Cicret: Wearable that turns your arm into Smartphone

Cicret is a futuristic bracelet that turns your hand into smartphone every time you twist your wrist. French Design company Cicret has designed this revolutionary wearable which might transform the face of tech industry.

Cicret uses a pico projector to display the device’s screen onto your arm and it is integrated with eight miniature proximity sensors which sense the touch of your fingers on the display on your arm. Whenever you will touch your arm with one of the fingers, one of the eight sensors will be hindered and input will be sent to the processor of the Cicret bracelet, where it will be processed and action will be taken.


Credits : Technabob.com
Credits : Technabob.com


Device can be set into motion just by flicking your arm, along with flick swipe, pinch and zoom functionality will be integrated in the bracelet along with tap to text. Company has taken care of longevity of wearable; bracelet will be durable and water resistant.

Cicret will communicate with your gadgets using low energy bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a Micro USB port. Futuristic wearable sports a vibration module, for notifications an LED will be integrated in the bracelet along with an accelerometer. It will available in two different variants of 16 GB and 32 GB with an eye-catching 10 different colors to choose from.


Cicret co-founder and in charge of press and marketing, Guillaume Pommier has launched a video of the bracelet to show customers what it is capable of doing and illustrate the working of the wearable:



Bright day light will not be a hindrance in using it in peak afternoon hours. Cicret has also taken care on variable skin tones, it will work on any skin color. You will be able to access your mails, check weather, stay socially active, answer the phone calls; so long story short you can do almost everything that you can do on your smartphones or tablets.

We can’t make any comment on sensors of Cicret, whether they will be accurate enough as we expect them to be. Pre-orders are not open for now being, for latest updates you can visit their official website.