The “cloud” has always created a buzz when it comes to technology and IT services. But, what it is all about? Is it something new or have we been already acquainted with it? How does it make an impact on the technology, systems including internet services and how does it affect our lives and the future of technology?

Most of these questions were answered on 27th May, 2016 at the 5th CII National Cloud Summit 2016, sponsored by HCL Technologies Limited, which took place at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi and organised a panel session on Cloud computing covering ins-and-outs of Cloud Computing Technology. It also covered areas like cloud server technology, business strategy, finance, health sector, tax and much more.

5th CII National Cloud Summit

5th CII National Cloud Summit

What is Cloud Computing?
To keep it simple, the cloud – which essentially is a network of remote servers – enables companies to store, manage and process data and use programs through a web-based interface. The technology behind Cloud is obviously known as Cloud Computing which is an amalgamation of Server Technology, Security, Data Encryption, Web Development and more.
The first session was about Cloud as a Game changer- success, opportunities and challenges from India perspective. The panel members discussed about the success, opportunities, challenges and measures and also the benefits of this new IT platform for the future.


India is one of the fastest emerging country in technology. Cloud computing should not only incorporate in our personal lives but also in various other fields like social, economic, etc.

Second session was about Learning from best practices of “Cloud Champions” in BFSI and Healthcare sector.

Mr S Premkumar, Chairman, CII National Sub-Committee shared his experience about cloud computing and how it is adopted by various industries especially in healthcare industries.

Mr. Arnab Basu, Partner (PwC India) talks about the heath issues. He said,”Technology now allows us to make sense out of unstructured data”.

CII released a report “Boosting Market Dynamics with Digital Technologies at the summit.

The 5th National Cloud Summit focused a lot on latest and upcoming technologies in Cloud Computing and its usefulness in various industries, ranging from healthcare to IT to manufacturing and design.

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Cloud Computing is on the rise and many of the companies have already started incorporating it in their systems. This will further reduce pressure on the physical backup systems by organisations which have a huge data requirement and to manage the same they need highly secured systems.

The future Cloud is to not only share and save your data, but also to preserve it and save it for the future generations to come.

Data is the most crucial part of any computing environment, be it finance, retail, banking or any other domain which involves continuous management and maintenance which is easily accessible from anywhere and everywhere. The best part is that the Cloud Computing is device independent and one can access files not only from their desktop/laptops but also from their own handheld devices, whether its a tab or even a smartphone.

The experience of being at this Summit was overwhelming and exceptionally good with a good intake on learning and in-depth talk about the technology on the rise.

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